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  1. Driving to my garden during quarantine

      Do you mean quarantine or Ausgangsbeschränkung (curfew)? It's a big difference. If you mean Ausgangsbeschränkung, it's allowed in your region according to the link @robinson100 posted. 
  2. Coronavirus

      Well, maybe you could go back and edit your post as it is misleading. And getting all upset about the coloquial term "Gassi Gehen", which every German speaker understands, even if they don't have a dog, is a bit over the top.     
  3. Coronavirus

    and more: Domestic quarantine lasts two weeks The coronavirus spreads by droplet infection. The incubation period - i.e. the time from infection to outbreak of the disease - is up to 14 days. If you have been ordered to be quarantined at home, you must stay at home during this time. Going to work, shopping or receiving visitors is taboo. Even a short walk or taking the dog for a walk is forbidden. Whether animals can also get the coronavirus, read here. Family members or other persons living in the same household are automatically quarantined. If one person in the household is seriously ill with the corona virus, the remaining family members should at best not sleep or eat in the same room - and ideally use a different bathroom. If this is not possible, all the more strict attention must be paid to consistent hygiene measures. Translated with (free version)  
  4. Bought a cat

    I identify as Welsh, but tell foreigners I'm British because from early on I found not everybody knows where Wales is. Any Welsh or Scots person hates being called English because it's wrong and we feel compelled to correct it. Call me Welsh or British, but NOT English. On Forms I'm British (now also German).
  5.   No idea, hellfire. I'll count next time. 
  6. I have never done this before, but I have started counting how many toilet rolls I actually use in how many days. The last roll lasted from Saturday morning until Thursday evening. So that's 6 days. Not bad really. 
  7.   Yes, but it's good to keep this in mind for next time. I've had this happen to two of my cats in the past. The first one came back after missing for three weeks, with a hoarse voice and skinny as hell. It was during the summer holidays. We assume he got locked in a a garage until the people came back from their holidays. The other came back after two days missing, covered with dust - the kind you would find in a shed or cellar. 
  8. He might have got locked up in someone's garage or garden shed by mistake. This happens to cats a lot. You could ask around in the neighbourhood. 
  9.   The most effective means of slowing down the spread of the coronavirus and thus saving lives is to affect as few other people as possible (social distance). Preferably no one. This is the clear message from the Federal Ministry of Health and from experts such as the chief virologist at Berlin's Charité hospital, Christian Drosten. The otherwise so popular "playdates", i.e. dates to play with one or even several other children, should therefore be cancelled at all costs. Setting up play groups just to avoid having to keep your children busy alone is therefore not a good idea. A spokeswoman of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Health calls such meetings "irresponsible". And stresses: "Stay at home with your children! As hard as it may be to keep children happy during this time, parents must act reasonably and responsibly."  Translated with (free version)
  10.   Especially because you still have to keep the distance in public. I still meet with a neighbour every day to walk the dogs, but we keep at least a distance of 2 meters. 
  11.   Believe me, I could live with being unpopular in such a serious case. 
  12. @dessa_dangerous Don't you think it's your duty to report these people according to the Infektionsschutzgesetz (infection protection act)? I know I would, considering how often it's happening in your house.
  13. Why are you happy today?

    Now the first honey bees are busy out and about. This clump of heather outside my front window is absolutely teeming with them in the warm sunshine. Welcome back honey bees.       
  14. Now that the teenagers have disappeared into thin air (no sign of them anywhere around here) the Stadtpark is very clean, no litter, no broken bottles, no cigarette butts. 
  15.   I asked the friendly "doorman" at my local Rossmann this afternoon when I walked past with the dog about toilet paper. Thursday morning 8 o'clock next chance. Maybe it's the same for all Rossmann stores.