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  1. About the employment situation in the city

    In my day it wasn't necessary, but in the meantime although it's not a must it is advised to sign your CV. One of several links found by google:     The CV is not a contract - a signature is therefore not mandatory. There is therefore no requirement to sign the CV. Nevertheless, personnel decision-makers often advise not to forgo the signature. Their argument: Who signs the curriculum vitae, confirms thereby that all data, which it gave here, are correct. A curriculum vitae with a signature therefore appears serious. It is therefore usual to sign the CV, because as an applicant you cannot know whether the HR department pays attention to such details. However, even if you do not sign, you are of course not allowed to write any erroneous information in your CV. And who does it nevertheless, is not secured also with the signature in any form: If the boss discovers wrong data after some time, for example a title, which was never attained, a notice is naturally valid nevertheless. Translated with
  2.   Would you bury a human family member under the cellar floor and then put cement on top? Not unless ...
  3. @lunaCH Why don't you enquire at the local Rathaus whether you can bury your cat in the cellar?. You could also enquire whether your area is indeed a water protection area as so far you have only been speculating that it could be. This would clear all doubts, uncertainties and speculations. 
  4. Three pages on and I'm getting the impression this is a send off and wondering whether the cat - dead or alive - even exists.   
  5.   Would you also discard burial in a Tierfriedhof (pet cemetary)? 
  6.   Agreed, and I'm also certain the authorities would prefer dead animals to decompose as quickly as possible. This is probably why the regulations stipulate that the material they are buried in has to be decomposable so as not to stand in natures way. 
  7.   Why is cremation not an option? Aren't you the owner? Besides you can take the ashes in an urn back home, where burying it in the garden might be a possibility. This is what I will do when my dog dies, as not cremated he is too large for my plant boxes. 
  8. I don't have a garden, but I do have a fairly large patio (30 square meters) with a fair amount of large plant boxes. I have buried three cats in two of these plant boxes over the last 10 years. They're in the photo below on a low wall, which is the border of my patio. There is no smell and they decompose very quickly. I found this out when I buried the second cat in the plant box where the first one was buried a year later. The fur had disappeared and even the towel I had wrapped him in was gone. Only the bones, which are very small and fragile were left - they fit in one hand. I scooped them to one side and left them in there. I have two surviving cats 15 and 16 years old. One of them (the black and grey striped one) is on the photo. The orange one died 18 years old a few years ago and is buried in one of the plant boxes. Their spirits are still there amongst all the flowers and shrubs. It's a solution to think of for lack of something else.   
  9. Landlord refuses / delays repairs

    Yes, join the Mieterverein. They will advise you and write a letter to your landlord on your behalf giving him a time limit (ca. 10 days usually) in which he should get the repairs done. If he doesn't react within that time limit you can have the repairs done by a craftsman of your choice. You will have to pay the bill but the cost you can deduct from the next rent. This will all be stated in the letter. This is how it has worked for me in similar situations with my landlady. 
  10. Why are you happy today?

      I'm glad you and Nicole are there and caring so much. I don't think I could stomach it all. Hope you find a nice home for her next Spring. I'm happy I took the decision to rescue my Spanish dog exactly 10 years ago. He's 12 this month and still going strong. 
  11. Why are you happy today?

      With those looks, she should be called Panda. 
  12. Parking slightly on sidewalk

      In Germany you have the cellar and the attic for storing random stuff. In Britain many or most houses don't have cellars. Anyway we didn't in various places we lived in in different parts of Britain, so we used our garage for storage, like most other people did. 
  13. Are you a prepper?

      I have emergency stock in the cellar including a camping gas cooker in case electricity fails, toilet paper as well as cat and dog food.
  14. Climate change discussion

      Sensitive? How can I be? I'm not a hypocrite, unlike some. I don't twist facts, either, about what people said.