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  1. From what I've read she is not a Bangladeshi citizen but only of Bangladeshi heritage. A difference. 
  2.   Yes, it says explicitely on her residence permit that she is allowed to work. She had a baby first, and now she is working a 450,00 Euro job since last June. 
  3. Depending on how long you've lived and worked here you can apply for a permanent residence permit, then you don't have to bother with the authorities anymore. That's how it used to be for me when there was no EU. My daughter-in-law from the Philippines after 3 years of marriage has applied and been accepted.  Edit: Though, wait, she did have to do an integration and language course when she came here.
  4. Bees dying is not a "Mystery".

    That was for Bavaria, which turned out sucessful despite the farmers being against it. Environmentalists are trying to get one started for NRW where I live:
  5. This thread is really depressing. This aging society needs kids. We were all kids at one time and were loud. It's natural. 
  6. I don't mind children's noise. What I don't like is when they become teenagers and start noisily and aggressively congregating in parks and at corners and leaving their garbabe and broken bottles lying around. 
  7. Looking for kitten in the Munich area

    Indeed, as others on the thread have said, cats need more than one week to adjust to a new home. Cats use their own pheromones by rubbing their cheeks and scratching on objects all around the home. It makes the home smell familiar and safe. For that they need time. You can observe your own cats doing this, when you buy new furniture or even when you move furniture around. Feliway helps to reduce stress. I've used it myself when introducing new adult cats to my household. It's also best not to stress the cat by trying to comfort it, which it perceives as invading it's space. Let it come to you of it's own accord. It'll happen as trust grows. 
  8. Why are you unhappy today?

      I think you misunderstood. With some things I do need help now and again and will ask for it, but what I can still manage on my own I will do so. I also realise that as I get older I will need more help, in 10 years when I'm over 80 I might have to hire a household help to come round once or twice a week. In my present situation with a broken ankle and sitting in a wheelchair I am receiving help from my daughter and daughter-in-law, shopping, hoovering, cooking, putting out the garbage, taking care of the dogs etc., but other things like dusting, cleaning the toilet, ironing, washing dishes etc. I can do myself. I wouldn't dream of exploiting their kindness for things I can do myself just because I'm in a wheelchair. I feel pretty useless as it is anyway. 
  9. What made you smile today?

      Altbacken also means old-fashioned. Maybe you've now got a different hairdo, which makes you look more stylish to her. But indeed, she spolied her compliment with that remark. 
  10. Why are you unhappy today?

      Thanks hooperski, but what I can manage on my own I will do. Fights the boredom of being confined and besides I've been living on my own the past 30 years and am used to coping with everything all by myself. 
  11. Why are you unhappy today?

    Thanks so much for all the get well wishes. Am back home now (since Wednesday) and using a wheelchair to get around in my small flat. It's working unexpectedly well. My daughter has been a great help and still is, walking the dogs, doing shopping, running errands and cooking food for me to warm up in the microwave. My daughter-in-law came yesterday to hoover and clean the floors and wants to do it regularly for me. So I've got two angels looking after my needs. Today I will try my hand at some ironing, which should work sitting down (I usually do it standing up).
  12. Claiming UK pension in Germany

      Your question wasn't directed at me and I don't know how much percent my British pension is but I'm still receiving it since my ex-husband died 5 years ago. Last year they wanted proof that I'm still alive so they can continue with the payments.    Edit: I also receive a German pension having worked here for a number of years and paying into the German Rentenversicherung.
  13. Claiming UK pension in Germany

      I don't think so. I receive a small British pension based on the years (21 years) I was married to a Brit. We were divorced 20 years when I applied at 60 and was still entitled. I never worked in the UK due to the kids being small while we lived there at the time.
  14. Why are you unhappy today?

    Thursday slipped on ice and broke my ankle. A complicated ankle joint fracture. Operated on within a couple of hours. Will be in hospital for at least a week. Unhappy because my working daughter is now burdened with looking after me and walking the dogs, probably for weeks on end. 
  15. Gardening in a rental property

        What has this comment got to do with gardens and gardening in Germany? You're a right snob and it keeps showing.