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  1. It's probably an area deliberately left uncultivated for bees and butterflies and other insects. It's often encouraged these days. 
  2. Why are you unhappy today?

    Thank God there was a happy ending to that story, John. A while back I saw a video about a dog that had been drenched in petrol and then set fire too. Also in Greece. He was saved and nursed back to life by the vet who treated him, who then kept him. It's amazing how these poor dogs can still learn to trust humans again. Monsters who torture animals like that usually end up serial killers. There must be a quite a few in Greece. 
  3. Gender neutral toilets.

      I saw a report on German TV a few years ago about this subject and apparently a number of women when they use public toilets seem to prefer to stand on the lavatory seat to pee instead of sitting down, which causes all the urine splashes on the seat and the floor. Weird. I hadn't realised until then that there is this problem. Here are some German articles on the subject, so it's not really so uncommon it seems:
  4. Life without alcohol

      This doesn't work. My father was an alcoholic and he found every single hiding place. Unfortunately, he was also a violent man. 
  5. Gastric bypass surgery

      Your language is quite confusing. Isn't eating and consuming the same?  Eating (also known as consuming) is the ingestion of food,
  6. Climate change discussion

      I know. It's nature's way of culling. 
  7. Climate change discussion

      Yes, but nature doesn't care about that, does she? She's telling us enough is enough - or else. Elsewhere in nature there are checks when populations expand too much. 
  8.   This pescetarion absolutely agrees with this.
  9.   I've learned something new. Dear me, it's getting just as confusing as the gender definitations.
  10. Climate change discussion

      The planet would probably be better off without us anyway. There are too many of us. I'm not joking. Looking at the long history of Earth since the beginning she has overcome many natural "catastrophic" events. We only think in terms of catastrophe if we fear our own extinction, which is going to happen at some point in the far future anyway. Of course, it's silly to sit back and wait for it to happen if we can do something to slow the process. But finally Earth will just shake it off and continue to exist without us and carry on producing other life forms until the final end.
  11.   Maybe you're having your period? 
  12.   Yes, I'm a pescetarian and I eat fish about twice a week. Is it classed as meat, though?
  13. I don't eat meat and haven't for the past 30 years or so and am not prone to dizzy spells. I'm as fit as fiddle at 72. 
  14. Why are you happy today?

      Thanks. I'll have to remember to try that when they start coming in a couple of months.