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  1. The "why it is difficult to leave" thread

      I think it's a wise decision to come back, especially considering old age and health care. Despite rules and regulations concerning pet  care in place in countries like Greece I don't think the overall mentality / attitude towards pets is going to change for the better any time in the future. There are obviously some good people there like Takis, who can be helped with regular donations from here. That's what I have decided to do. Also when my existing pets finally go over the rainbow bridge in a couple of years time, I will be too old to take on any more pets, so the money I now spend on pet food, insurance, vet costs, etc. I will donate to shelters. 
  2. Is Prince Harry revolting?

      Maybe you should stop portraying yourself as some kind of insider. You're not.     
  3. Is Prince Harry revolting?

      Well, since you obviously are reluctant to provide links, I have googled myself. Just a few links added below. Doesn't look as if any military friendships have been broken.    Prince Harry's Military Friends come to his Defense   Prince Harry's army friend says 'a lot of good' will come from Pirnce Harry and Meghan Markle breaking away from the royal family - and insist the 'level-heraded' Duke 'hasn't changed'   Many of Prince Harry's old military pals have come to his defense in the wake of his latest decision. Prince Harry previously served in the armed forces for 10 years, which included two tours to Afghanistan with the British Army. However, he ended his duties in 2015.
  4. Is Prince Harry revolting?

      How do YOU know HE has broken friends with lots of military friends? Does it say so anywhere in the press? Any links?
  5. Is Prince Harry revolting?

    I have liked them both - still do - and I feel very, very sorry for both of them. They are going to be hounded forever whereever they live, whatever they do. Maybe they have just realised it themselves. It's possible the marriage will not survive the strain. 
  6. Is Prince Harry revolting?

      Also for normal Brits a cottage is a small dwelling :  But for royalty there are different dimensions.
  7. Is Prince Harry revolting?

    Oh OK, I got them mixed up. 
  8. Is Prince Harry revolting?

    If it really is that small, the question arises why the took it in the first place and even want to keep it as a domicile when they visit. 
  9. The most important question would be whether the dog has been tested for Mediterrainean diseases such as Leishmaniasis and others. Everything else medical wise will probably be above board. The dog will certainly have an inoculation pass and will be wormed. Good luck with the visit. Quite exciting. 
  10.   e.V. stands for eingetragener Verein (registered association).    I got my dog from Spain through such an association 10 years ago. I chose him online and the whole transaction was above board. I was also visited for evaluation before I was accepted as an adoptee. He was neutered just before departure, with inocolation pass etc. I had to sign a contract and pay a token fee of 290 Euros, which covered the medical and surgical costs etc. I was lucky that he had no behavioural issues, but I was prepared to deal with any if he had. I chose a two year old dog to bypass the puberty issues and started training him straight away. He was a quick learner and I'm very, very happy with him.    Since I got him I have learned that many of these former street dogs are taken over by lots of German Tierheime and/or foster homes. So I would look there first as they are desperate to find good homes for them. 
  11. Is Prince Harry revolting?,_Duchess_of_Sussex#Samantha_Markle   Her half-brother doesn't seem to be much better either.,_Duchess_of_Sussex#Thomas_Markle_Jr.
  12. Why are you unhappy today?

    I'm unhappy that there are so many needy animals in the world and I donate to animal charities several times a year. But today i got rather annoyed that a well-known animal charity (one that I had donated to a few times last year) actually called me on the phone today to ask for monthly donations for shelters in Rumania in need of heating as it was freezing cold there. I was annoyed because this charity (Vier Pfoten) includes small gifts (pens, writing pads, stickers, calendars) in every one of their numerous begging letters, which I find a terrible waste of donation money. I don't want my money being spent on these silly things. I said as much to the woman on the phone. She explained that they have found they get more donations if they include gifts, than if they do not. I said, that's very sad, people normally donate without expecting something in return. I told her not to call me again, that I prefer to donate when and if I see fit. Afterwards I was sorry for being so curt, but I'm still annoyed. Besides, I think they include these gifts because people feel compelled to donate because they feel guilty for keeping something for nothing. It's psychological manipulation. Don't like it. 
  13. Is Prince Harry revolting?

    Wasn't there also some speculation that Meghan was faking her pregnancy? Where on earth does all this hateful stuff come from? 
  14. Is Prince Harry revolting?

    It's very hard to suffer unpopularity. I can understand why Meghan prefers to live elsewhere than the UK. I think both she and Harry didn't expect the intial popularity turning into hostility. Seems the british yellow press overdid the criticism, which seems to be based mostly on assumptions. I wonder if the press would have been more lenient if Harry's bride was English. Then there's the Internet with all the hate comments etc., which wasn't there during Diana's era. 
  15. Help! Kindergarten Change

        The administration of some cities, such as Berlin or Hamburg, has decided to allocate the existing daycare places according to a new system. Therefore, if you want to apply for a place in a kindergarten, you must first contact the local youth welfare office. As soon as you have applied for and received a voucher, you can look for an institution where you would like to place your child. If a free place in a day care centre is available there, you can obtain this with your Kita-Gutschein. Translated with (free version)