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  1. Why are you unhappy today?

      Cats are amazing creatures. Their will to live is admirably strong. Good decision all round.    My Maja is still going strong at 19 years despite almost starving herself to death about 2 years ago, when her sense of smell mysteriously failed her for a couple of months. Sense of smell miraculously returned and she's been eating well since then. 
  2. Why are you unhappy today?

      So sorry to hear this about Gracie, emkay. I feel your sorrow and I'm sure you'll find the right solution to make the transition easy for her. 
  3. The War in Ukraine

    Ukraine is admirably teaching Putin and Russia a well-deserved lesson and I hope they succeed in due course. Most other countries bordering Russia to the west are demonstrating that they are not happy with Russia as a direct neighbour (applying for Nato and/or EU membership, sending aid to Ukraine etc.). I'm very unhappy with the loss of lives in Ukraine. The civilian loss of lives especially, caused by Russia alone and which civilian Russians within their own borders have been spared. 
  4. Info on what animal shelters are like in Germany

    That's good news. Is he neutered? How about a photo? 
  5. Info on what animal shelters are like in Germany

      Also beware of the disgusting puppy mills. 
  6. Info on what animal shelters are like in Germany

    I feel your loss. I believe German Tierheime have become more strict in recent times, often due to pets being returned or handed in in greater numbers than before Corona - irresponsible people were getting dogs due to being at home during Corona restrictions and then getting rid of them again. Besides, shelters spend a great deal of time and money training and resocialising damaged dogs, vet costs etc. It's only prudent to be careful whom you adopt a dog (or cat) out to.    Maybe it is easier to get a new pet from one of the many rescue organisations or from someone private, who is looking for a new home for their pet. There are various reasons - owner too old or sick, or whatever.    I googled the Berlin Tierheim ( ) and found that they seem to organise a viewing tour (I believe limited to 12 persons) once a month for which you need an appointment. These events in November and December are already booked out.     Tierheimführungen* Samstag, 12. November, 13 Uhr Hier anmelden Samstag, 10. Dezember, 13 Uhr Hier anmelden *Weitere Infos zu unseren Tierheimführungen finden Sie hier. Though there are consultation appointments every Friday. I remember the days when you could just visit a shelter without an appointment, but the dogs were really stressed out, getting excited and barking all the time.    Regelmäßige Termine Jeden Freitag, 13-16 Uhr Beratungstag für Tierinteressent*innen      
  7. Predominant Ancestry of Population

    Wikipedia has an article on American ancestry and there's a map (year 2000) including African-American ancestry, mostly in the southern states:  
  8. Moving kids overseas after divorce

    It seems to be possible according to this article (which I haven't read in full as it's a long article). Here's the relevant excerpt :,aufheben%20und%20Ihnen%20allein%20%C3%BCbertragen. Emigrating despite joint custody Can my ex-partner prevent me from moving abroad with our child?     Obviously consultation with a lawyer specialised in family law would be needed. 
  9. 3G in Restaurants?

      You seem to be scared of wearing a mask. Wearing a mask isn't going to kill you. Noone is forced - the kids can either wear a mask indoors or stay away. The parents are aware of my conditions and are grateful for my supervision of their children's schoolwork.
  10. 3G in Restaurants?

    I haven't even had a cold since Corona started. Probably because I wear a mask when shopping etc. Outdoors I don't. I have avoided restaurants and other places indoors except if there is a possibility for sitting outdoors. Maybe I'm just lucky, or maybe my precautions are just right. The rising numbers and overburdened hospitals have been in the news today.  
  11. 3G in Restaurants?

      Winter is coming and that's why (at my age) I got my 5th jab last month in preparation. Besides, I'm exposed 4 times a week to schoolkids, who come to my place for Nachhilfe, where I insist they and I wear masks indoors. All four have had Corona - two of them twice. So it's only logical that I'm careful. I still wear a mask when shopping, although most people I see (also oldies) don't seem to bother anymore. I haven't caught Corona so far and also haven't suffered any side effects of the vaccine.
  12. 3G in Restaurants?

      Just run along, little Jonny. I've had 75 years of experience looking after myself. It seems I've been doing well so far. 
  13. 3G in Restaurants?

    I had my 5th jab this morning, but I had to confirm in writing on the form "at my own risk" as 5th jabs are reserved for over 80year olds. I'm 75. 
  14. Can a German be rude when speaking English?

      This. So easily offended. I didn't realise this so much until I joined Toytown and read all the whining posts about German rudeness - over and over again. I have been brought up in both cultures and am therefore extremely adaptable without even having to think about it. Germans are not rude in my opinion, just different. Some are, some arent rude like everywhere else in the world. Brits should stop assuming that other cultures should be the same as at home. 
  15. The War in Ukraine

      Pity it wasn't Putin who received those bullets.