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  1. Untermieter rights with guests with covid related twist

    Yes, I realize that. She has been a great renter until her return and we are hoping that she will be again. We needed some ground to back us up with. Maybe she will see our point ( and we will be gone for a week before she would have had to move out) so just being safe on our side. One never knows how others will react. Could return and find the place or things trashed!
  2. Untermieter rights with guests with covid related twist

    Super! thank you!
  3. Untermieter rights with guests with covid related twist

    Hi all, talked to the renter and she said her boyfriend will only stay overnight the 2 nights per week. (we will see), but still says her boyfriend is entitled to visit every day and cook meals with her. When he visits, it is from morning until at least 10 at night. They have literally every meal together as well. I am not sure if a tenant that rents 1 room in an apartment we live in has same rights as a tenant that lives in a whole rented apartment. Do they? I have read that visitors can not be refused- but in all the info I find it is for rented apartments- not single rooms. As klingklang77 stated, if we wanted a couple to rent a room, we would have.    If we need to get rid of her, is it really that easy. 2 weeks for a furnished room with notice before the 15th?  thanks again for any input.
  4. Untermieter rights with guests with covid related twist

    Yes we are living in the apartment as well. Thanks for the link Karin! We will have to bring this up and see if she is willing to change or leave. thank you!
  5. Untermieter rights with guests with covid related twist

    We dont necessarily want the renter to move out, just obey the 2 nights per week. If it comes down to her moving out, yes the room in furnished. Is the notice time 2 weeks? I read that somewhere, but wasnt sure.
  6. Untermieter rights with guests with covid related twist

    Yes distinctly states 2 nights per week. thanks for input
  7. Untermieter rights with guests with covid related twist

    Yes- it is part of the rent contract. I guess my issue is that - they think they are entitled to increasing the time the boyfriend stays because they paid for it and were not here.  
  8. Hi all, I have a question as how I should handle a situation with my untermieter. I have rented a room to a (non- German) student for about 2 years. We agreed that her boyfriend could spend 2 overnights a week and cook occasionally meals with her, We set on an additional small increase in rent for this purpose. Due to Covid and Germany being "shut down" she went home for an extended period of time (more than 3 months). She continued to pay rent as she needed and wanted a wohnsitz to attend the University. She has returned and the boyfriend has been cooking every meal and staying far more than the 2 night per week here. The renter states that because she continued to pay rent they are entittled to " make up" the time missed by the boyfriend staying here . I said that it was her decision to go home for that time period- no one made her leave. If a person goes on an extended vacation, they still pay the rent. btw- The boyfriend has his own place as well, but they spend zero time there together. Either he is not allowed to have visitors or I have just made it too cozy for the two of them here,  Can anyone give me some advice how to handle this. Do I have any grounds for my point?  It is really getting annoying how much time the friend is spending here.   thanks for any thoughts