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  1. Type of test needed (Germany <-> UK)

    Thank you Ian but I am in Berlin.  I have found a test place and have just booked it. Thanks again.
  2.   My only experience was in Frankfurt where I was asked for my ID and was told that I'd have to pay.  Whatever, it's only 19.99euro per test.  Then I have to book my Day 2 test at the rip-off joints across the pond. Again thanks
  3. Someone gave a recommendation for a company that does Covid testing, here in Berlin. Stupidly I didn't make a note of it and now searching through posts on the subject, I can't find it. I'm visiting my sons, here, and will be going back to blighty next week. I need an antigen test so I can enter the sacred portals of Bojo's empire.  Hopefully the person, who posted the link will see this and do it again. Actually any recommendations are welcome. Thanks
  4. Thanks all, I shall have a look. @skinnypuppy A friend of mine said that a friend of his returned to Canada and paid $250 for the test there. Is that even possible? @Krieg I'm not a burger, anymore. Just visiting my sons then returning to Blighty.
  5. Type of test needed (Germany <-> UK)

    I should have asked here before starting  another thread.  Would someone please tell me where they got their antigen test? I'm flying back next week and I and my wife will need one. Thanks
  6. My son, in Berlin, has broken his shoulder badly. He has been told by the hospital where they did the x-rays and MRI that he should find an orthopaedic surgeon, who also deals with ‘arbeits unfall’. He has no idea what or where to look. Any information will be gratefully accepted.
  7. Recommendations for orthopaedic surgeon

    As I don't like open threads, the result of this little adventure is that he went to a specialist hospital for a second opinion and they told him that the first hospital, who had suggested complicated operations, had probably not done their quota of operations that month and that the bones were setting nicely by themselves and all he needed was some physiotherapy. Anyway, thank you all.
  8. Recommendations for orthopaedic surgeon

    Thank you all, useful information