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  1. I appreciate shops closed on Sunday but when they also close on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons and at lunch times? I find that ridiculous. We were in Eltville the day of their Rose Festival.  Thousands of people.  We stopped at a restaurant for lunch but were told they close between 14.00 and 17.30 - it's a festival FFS. We live in a village so public transport is once per day to the main town. Yes for the festivals and events in the towns, Kirmes, Maifeuer, the festivals in Frankfurt along the Main.
  2. I'm selling up and moving back to blighty.  People have been asking if I shall miss Germany, which got me thinking. I've put a few thoughts to paper - I'm sure I'll think of a few more. Things I shall miss Relatively empty roads Forests everywhere Clean cities Inexpensive meals when eating out 10 - 20 euro parking and speeding fines as opposed to the thieving whores in Britain charging £140 plus three points. TÜV every two years instead of once a year Outdoor cafes and restaurants The weather The health service The friends I have made The bread and brötchen Veggie balls from Lidl Getting in the car and driving to other countries without the need of a ferry boat. Things I shall not miss The constant fear that someone will sue me for something Bicycles going the wrong way on one way streets Bicycles full stop Ridiculous car insurance prices Ridiculous costs with anything to do with cars. The thought that they could work on the road outside my house and charge me for it Standing at traffic lights waiting for the green man when the road is completely empty The fear of burning anything in my garden in case a caring neighbour calls the fire brigade and I end up paying them Going to parties and everyone sitting at tables Having to clean not only the pavement outside my house but up to the middle of the road, although it's not done because it's a major road connecting two motorways
  3. Buying a house without an energy certificate

    But who will ask for it and when. The contract has been signed. The next step, the notar said, once the money is in our bank, we tell him and he hands over the house to the buyer. Nothing about the ausweis.  As for the cost, yes I'm sure they love doing them.  Our man spent 15 minutes looking around the house then an hour talking about brexit and the next day, the bill arrived.
  4. Buying a house without an energy certificate

    I would like to revive this thread because 1) if I started another about energieausweis, somebody would jump all over my arse with "the search function is your friend" sarcasm and 2) I have just had two such certificates for the two houses in my hof that I'm in the process of selling.  The agent had told us that it is the law that we have to provide these certificates, so we got a schornsteinfeger to do them at a cost of almost €400.  The notar wrote the contracts, read them out to us and the buyer, we all signed and just realised that there is nothing in the contracts about it. We've asked the agent again and he said that without them, we could be sued. I don't understand.  Have I wasted the money?  There is info on the net about it but unfortunately my Deutsch is not good enough for official bullshit.
  5. Is it quicker to get tax ID direct from Finanzamt?

    I’m going to need my steueridnummer in a few days but after registering, ten years ago, I never received one. On the tax website it has a form that I filled but that will take up to four weeks (efficiency?). Our tax advisor told me to go to the finanzamt, where the nice lady looked at my driver’s license, confirmed my address and printed me a letter with the I’d number on it. (efficiency). I thought I’d add this to this old thread in case.
  6. Nothing to do this 4th July?  My son's monthly party for friends and new comers will be happening. This month Chemistry Club takes place on Thursday 4th July, and what better way to celebrate US independence from Britain than with a duo of British DJs playing all American tunes? Things with Wings will be joined by The Crane for a genre-spanning journey into this diverse and influential musical landscape. Expect the usual experimental vibes, freestyle flavours and tongue-in-cheek 'tude. Check it out HERE.
  7. What terrorist would be stupid enough to ge rid of these two cancerous boils of the UK's back? They're not going to waste their time.
  8. Tax on sale of a house

    Wow, i-jalapeno, I am in exactly the same position except the hof that my house is on has two houses, the second of which I bought seven years ago so now I need an English speaking lawyer with property law expertise to advise me on what to do and how to go about it. I would appreciate any recommendations for such a lawyer in Frankfurt or further up the A5.
  9. More slime, it makes my skin crawl.  How fucking embarrasing with the world watching this. I mean what sort of festering excrement makes up the 1922 Committee?
  10. Jonathan Pie describes the race. Wouldn't it be fun if they all fell and broke their legs and had to be shot.
  11. What was your first car?

    My first car I bought in 1969 for £34.  It was a 1963, orange, Mini van with splashes of blue - I don't know why they were there.  The floor on the driver's side was rusty and every time I went over a puddle, water splashed up my legs.  The gear box worked but I had to stir the stick around until it fell in the correct gear slot. Some idiot stole it! I was lucky, I got £34 from the insurance company.
  12. Forum explanation please

    Would somebody please explain - "74 topics in this forum" followed by "There are no topics in this forum yet". What am I missing?  
  13. To give away wind surfer, Mistral SST Diamond Head board with Airwave 50 sail and boom.  Unfortunately the mast and fin are missing. That's how I got it, thinking that someday I shall surf again but there's always been something else to do. 
  14. Verfassung versus Grundgesetz

    Thank you @tor, @Metall