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  1. Refrigerator temperature

    My old fridge kicked the bucket so I bought another one.  I let it rest, installed it, let it run overnight and now after two days it's still 8ºC with the setting at 5, the highest.  I've searched the net and most sites say the temperature should be between 2 and 4ºC because any higher bacteria will start growing.  I packed it up and took it back.  They are saying that it should be 6ºC.  I told them that it's 8 and that is at the highest setting, what will happen in summer when the ambient temperature is higher? They said they will test it and phone us tomorrow. Any advice?
  2. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    Whore Britain - any way to make money and in the case of London also how to keep the rifraf out. There are many other ways of attempting to reduce polution but why bother when you can make moneyyyyyy!
  3. Teaching German Grammar to your children

  4. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    What about the poor buggers in Stuttgart, who have to change their diesels by February?  BTW, isn't it interesting that Stuttgart is also the home of Mercedes and Porsche?
  5. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    No, the State court decided against it.
  6. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    I'm trying to imagine a future with only electric cars. what will fueling stations look like on motorways and in towns. Right now uou stop, max ten minutes to fill the tank , pay and leave. Hundreds if not thousands of cars per day. What happens when you need two hours to charge the batteries?
  7. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    When you're a banker in FFM, earning 500 K/y, it's a fucking steal. For others, screw them, let them walk.
  8. A while back, I received a letter from Telekom telling me that my contract was finishing as of 8 January because they are changing the system and I would have no more telephone or Internet after that unless I contacted them.  So a few days ago I phoned.  I asked if 50Mb was available with the new system and they said yes (at the mo it's 6Mb and I'm lucky if I get more than two.  They asked if I wanted to rent the router.  I replied that I thought that was the only way I could get the hybrid router unless I bought it from Telekom for 400 euro.  No replied the Operator, the new System is not hybrid it's VDSL.  I then told him that I would get back to him once I found a router to buy. I found a good TP-Link router and phoned back.  I told the new Operator to go ahead with the new contract and that I had my own router. That's not possible he said as one can only rent or buy the hybrid router from Telekom. I told him about my previous conversation and he said no, he was right. I said how can I know which of the two people is correct.  The prat said if I don't believe him then he would hang up - so I hung up. In the end I went to a Telekom shop.  They said it would be the hybrid - let's see what happens. Deutsch Industrie Norm?
  9. British Citizens Rights No Deal Brexit

    @kiplette, the answer to your question is here. It is also where I got my quotes from.
  10. British Citizens Rights No Deal Brexit

    I have just renewed my UK EHIC from the UK and it was sent to my German address.
  11. Journalism is not a Crime

    What is the matter with these people?   Anyway, SIGNED!
  12. British Citizens Rights No Deal Brexit

    The EHIC in my case is issued by Britain.
  13. Heating system repair - DIY experts?

    Without seeing your input, I went this morning looking for something like your exaples.  Unfortunately Neither Herkiles or any of the other hardware stores around here have anything like that.  I guess I shall have to rig something up.  Anyway, thanks for the German name.
  14. Heating system repair - DIY experts?

    There is a 10cm diameter pipe that comes into the room and just stops 20cm from the floor.  I take it that's the breathing pipe.  I'll check where it comes out of the house.
  15. British Citizens Rights No Deal Brexit

    All I know is the AOK person told me that as of 29 March I lose my AOK card. What the hell happens after that, I have no idea.