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  1. You lay down on your back or sitting up and leaning on the headboard. Does one leg involuntarily cross over the other? It happens to me every time and I don't like it because I think it hinders blood circulation. 
  2. Powerline recommendations

    So basically, @Sir Percy B is the only one using a wifi Powerline with his 1260E. Here is my problem in more detail. I am trying to provide internet to the adjoining house. The second house requires connection very rarely so not worth the expense of a complete internet system.  So, another question has come to mind. Will my present TP-Link TL-WA854RE, range extender, in my house, talk to another extender in the other house? i.e.   Router in my house ----------> Extender in my house ---------> Extender other house -----> wifi
  3. Powerline recommendations

    I need to extend the range of my wifi so am thinking of powerline adaptors with wifi.  I saw one in operation at my daughter's and was very disappointed at the weakness of the wifi.  Does anybody here use them and can make a recommendation, please.
  4. Slow German internet

    I don't think DT cares.  I am paying them for 50Mb, they are giving me less than 20 and there's nothing I can do about it as there are no other providers here.  So why should they care?
  5. Slow German internet

    And talking about DT providing faster internet, I asked a friend in the village about the work being done outside his house, obvious by this big grey metal box. Apparently, he came home one day, looked out of the back window that faces the road and there on the pavement right next to his house is this man attaching this big grey box and with part of the pavement dug up.  "What are you doing there?" my friend asked and he was told that he is a DT engineer and installing a box to accommodate the VDSL for our village.  "No you're not" my friend said, "this is private land and DT has not asked for permission.  If you put it there, there will have to be some financial arrangement."  The engineer argued that it was on public land but after being shown the land marker, he agreed and went off to tell his bosses. It looks like now the local DT people can't deal with the situation and it has been passed to Frankfurt.  About five months ago I was told that we had VDSL then I was told no.  About a month ago I was told that we would have it in two weeks - bullen scheise.  I have given up with these morons.  What annoys me is that this company is gobbling up telephone companies around the world. How is it possible?
  6. FFS

    Yes, I forgot tea, paracetamol and Rennies.   BTW, this thread is for anyone with a FFS, not just for my problem.
  7. FFS

    My list, fortunately is way less than Sir Percy's. From his list, I have marmite and basmati rice, peanut butter, black beans, oat meal, dates and Egyptian molasses, sponge pudding and ginger nut biscuits.
  8. FFS

    Near Maidstone in Kent, which is on the M20 on the way to Dover.
  9. FFS

    Whenever I go to blighty, I do a little shopping for things that are either not available or too expensive over here. Well , Monday night I packed the car so we can leave nice and early for the 8.00am ferry homeward bound. Locked the daughter's house, where we were staying, and dropped the keys in through the letter box. Getting into the car I realised I left my jacket inside FFS. Both daughter's and husband's phones switched off so decided to leave it till the next time. Got home and got a phone call from daughter - I left our shopping in the garage. Double FFS. So that too will be left till next time unless some good samaritan happens to be traveling by car, this direction.
  10. Windows Backup Help

    @2B_orNot2B I very much appreciate the time and effort you have put in to answering my problem.  I shall seriously look into your suggestions and compare to another one earlier in the thread.
  11. Windows Backup Help

      @lisa13 Thanks but your method, for me, is too time consuming.   Exactly that.  However, by manual backup, do you mean copy D: to E:? My purpose in using the backup utility is so each new backup only saves any changes since the last, that way it takes less time.
  12. Windows Backup Help

    I used to copy all my data files onto an external drive but it was long and tedious.  I wanted "backup" as it said it only copied the changes.  Would merging delete the deleted files and add the new files and do it automatically or do you have to sit there and hit "skip", "delete" or whatever.
  13. Windows Backup Help

    After many years of pc work, I recently decided to use the Windows backup utility.  Unfortunately, it is baffling me. The disk that it is saved on is full so I'm trying to delete some of the previous backups, however the backups don't appear to be logical. The instructions tell me that to make more disk space available, I can delete older backups.  Looking at the jpg below, I would have expected the size to increase with every backup as more and more data is saved on the disk.  Am I missing something? Any and all help appreciated.  
  14. It's interesting that the mad woman wants her plan voted on three times but the referendum only once.
  15. Because the average voter is not scum like the average politician.