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  1. Fabulous.  So many beautiful songs.
  2. Unused Radio Frequencies

    I have a gizmo, for the car, that one tunes to an unused radio frequency and its cable to the earphone socket of a music player, and it transmits the music to the car radio. It works adequately except for the difficulty in finding unused frequencies and while traveling, an unused frequency here becomes used 30km down the road.  As I drive from central Germany to blighty, this constant changing is a pain in the proverbial.  I was hoping that there is some Europe wide agreement for a frequency that remains unused, for some reason or other, that I didn't know about and someone on the forum would tell me.
  3. English books to give away

    Email address not working - das ist das leben.
  4. English books to give away

    I'd pay for the postage.
  5. English books to give away

    Whenever I go to Frankfurt, I put my read books in the little glass bookcase that's in Merianneplatz.  You may ask around if there is one in your town. I wish I was closer, I'd love the Terry Pratchett books.
  6. Does 'queeres' mean what I think?

    What it meant 50 years ago.
  7. Does 'queeres' mean what I think?

    @dessa_dangerous Thanks for the clarification.
  8. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    I heard today that this was not a government (local or otherwise) decision but a court ruling after some environmental organisation started a court case. I don't understand how that could have happened and there's been no mention until the court's decision.
  9.   This is from Der Tagesspiegel. The rainbow coloured shawls together with the word 'queeres' make me wonder if I'm getting things wrong.  
  10. They are banning diesels (4) entering Frankfurt as of 1 February or that's what I understand. Can anyone clarify?
  11. It just occured to me that jazz lovers may be interested in this little jazz fest that Trevor has been putting on for the last 11 years in his little village of Heimertshausen, about an hour north of Frankfurt. It takes place in the middle of the village and if the weather decides to change, then it's moved into a big barn.  It's this Saturday, 25 August and it's free entry. There is drinks and there is pizzas from a clay oven. I am trying to put a goddam 116KB photo with the details and it keeps giving me the error that I can only upload 245.76kb although below it says 0.24MB.  This is bloody annoying. ARGHHHHHHH!!  
  12. Bobby Corridor will be playing at the 21st Chemistry Club event, tomorrow, Wednesday 8 August.  Listen to one of his most acclaimed mixes at   I'm hoping like mad to make it up to Berlin for this.  For more info check out
  13. Oven Control Logic

    and that is what we've been doing, setting the function on one control and the temperature on the other. I'm now going to do some testing with the knowledge from this thread. Thanks.
  14. Oven Control Logic

    Thanks for the amazingly quick replies. My comments on all three replies - yes, agreed the left is for the normal top and bottom heating, however, when I turn and click the knob to the bottom element position, how can I adjust the temperature? On the right knob, if I turn it to any one of the three heating element positions, how can I set the temperature? @Marianne013 so you see my problem with using one at a time? @Mcsparky to me it's a piece of piss with kidney stones. @fraufruit yes, that's what logic would say and yes that is the reached temperature light.
  15. Oven Control Logic

    Below is a photo of my oven's controls.  It was in the house when we moved in and we never had a user manual.  It's a Neff B1541W0/04 and Neff do not have a manual for it.  We've never used it with confidence and today talking to a Neff customer service we were told that we've been using it wrong i.e. the two knobs are completely independent of each other but she didn't know what the proper way is.  Now that the wife thinks there's a problem with it, I can't troubleshoot unless I know exactly how it works. The closest model to mine has two controls also but one control has all the functions and the other the temperature.  This stupid thing has temperatures on both knobs.  My logic cannot figure it out.  Can anybody help?