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  1. Recommendations for orthopaedic surgeon

    Thank you all, useful information 
  2. My son, in Berlin, has broken his shoulder badly. He has been told by the hospital where they did the x-rays and MRI that he should find an orthopaedic surgeon, who also deals with ‘arbeits unfall’. He has no idea what or where to look. Any information will be gratefully accepted.
  3. Bank letter re Tax Domicile

    We've been away from Germany 16 months and we closed our bank account about 6 months ago.  We've just received a form to fill, from our ex bank with the title Selbstauskunft fuer natuerliche Personen fuer den automatischen zwischenstaatlichen Informationsastauch FATCA. I asked on the bank's helpline and this is what they said I don't understand, I don't have any Verbindungens with the bank or the country. Should I just ignore it? I know it's only a few questions to answer but I find it irritating that they are bothering me with the measly savings, that I had there, while the big bastards get away with billions.
  4. Refrigerator temperature

    My old fridge kicked the bucket so I bought another one.  I let it rest, installed it, let it run overnight and now after two days it's still 8ºC with the setting at 5, the highest.  I've searched the net and most sites say the temperature should be between 2 and 4ºC because any higher bacteria will start growing.  I packed it up and took it back.  They are saying that it should be 6ºC.  I told them that it's 8 and that is at the highest setting, what will happen in summer when the ambient temperature is higher? They said they will test it and phone us tomorrow. Any advice?