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  1. Driving a hybrid

    From what I understand, a hybrid runs on fuel and electricity. What does that mean in regards to driving? I’ve just rented one that I didn’t ask for. I got in, turned the ignition key and thought nothing happened then off and on again a couple of times then by chance I put it in gear and shock, it moved. Is there anything else I should know about driving a hybrid? Thanks.
  2. Sorry but as the OP, I'd like proof, photos, video etc. Παρακαλω.
  3. Have I skipped to a different thread?
  4. North Sea ferries

    I always use Dunkirk to Dover.  It's a few km on from Ostend. Good prices and if you're late or early you can get on one ferry earlier or later at no extra charge.  Also Ostend/Dover was three hours as opposed to the two on this journey.
  5. Trust in internet money transfer companies

    OK, correction to the rubbish I wrote.  I went in again to do an internet transfer from Germany to UK of over 12,500.  A note came up with an x at the top with "Der Auftrag wurde entgegengenommen. Bitte ggf. Meldepflicht gem. AWV beachten. 04. September 2019 um 11:47:35 Uhr Because the warning box was brown and with an x instead of a green tick, I panicked and thought that it didn't go through. I took the 'gegen' in 'entgegengenommen' to mean 'against' - a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. It has gone through and I shall register it soon. From the Natwest help chat, I was told that on €140K, the charge is only £7 but the exchange rate was in the region of 0.84 as opposed to Transferwise, which was a charge of €430 something but about 0.905.
  6. Trust in internet money transfer companies

    Thank you PandaM for all that information.  The thing is that when I tried to do an internet überweisung through my bank, Sparkasse, it came up with a warning that I have to declare this and it was not accepted. I shall get my wife to read your info and probably talk to the Bundes bank for more details.
  7. Trust in internet money transfer companies

    What a bloody palaver. I tried to send €50K through Transferwise.  They gave me a Belgian IBAN number but when I triedto send to that, my bank said I must register it with the Bundesbank first as it is more than €12.5K.That sounded like too much pain in the arse so I contacted TW and said why can't they provide me with a German IBAN.  No that can't be done but the support person set me up with what they call two borderless accounts, one in EUR and one in GBP.  Today I realised that that is no different so I called them again. After an hour of explaining to the support person, who know very little of money transfer laws, we came to the conclusion that doing the transfer in 12K lots is the only way to go.   Question. Is the 12.5K rule, per day or per week or whatever?  Does anyone know?
  8. Trust in internet money transfer companies

    Not a bad idea.  Actually I've done some research and it appears they are a big, serious company and an acquaintance in the business said he does many big transers with them. As for soaring, it has gone up in the last five days, what the hell is that about? Maybe people buying pounds since reaching this low.
  9. Maklerprovision ( Real Estate Commissions )

    I've just sold my house and the realtor told us from the beginning that the commission would be 4.75% and added that normally the buyer pays but sometimes it is split between the two parties.  The realtor's commission was in the contract and he was present at the notary public's when we signed the contracts.
  10. I've just calculated that transfering the amount of money I want to transfer, from my bank in Germany to the UK, using Transferwise, saves me £8,750 than using a direct transfer to Natwest. I've used Transferwise several times and had great service and exchange rates but that was for amounts of 2,000 to 3,000. How do I know I can trust them with big amounts?  Here I'm giving my life savings to a cyber entity.  Am I being ridiculous? 
  11. I went to the Main Ufer festival in Frankfurt last weekend and realised a couple more miss/not miss items. Miss: The lack of damned British health and safety crap.  All these thousands of people walking along the embankment and not a single barrier to "stop people falling in". No lorries on the autobahns on Sundays. No lorries in the overtaking lanes (third lane)   Not miss: The bloody idiots on the autobahns overtaking me and pulling in a metre in front of me.
  12. When I joined the forum, it only gave me the option of Marburg.  I actually live 35km from there. And as I said,in our ten years here, I've never cleaned the electric kettle and have never put salt in the dishwasher and get perfectly clean dishes and glasses. So, whether lime scale or whatever you call it, I don't have it.
  13. I remember those days.   One important item I forgot is WATER.  The lovely zero lime water that we get here.  In the 10 years, here, I haven't once put salt in the dishwasher or have had to clean the electric kettle from scale.
  14. I appreciate shops closed on Sunday but when they also close on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons and at lunch times? I find that ridiculous. We were in Eltville the day of their Rose Festival.  Thousands of people.  We stopped at a restaurant for lunch but were told they close between 14.00 and 17.30 - it's a festival FFS. We live in a village so public transport is once per day to the main town. Yes for the festivals and events in the towns, Kirmes, Maifeuer, the festivals in Frankfurt along the Main.
  15. I'm selling up and moving back to blighty.  People have been asking if I shall miss Germany, which got me thinking. I've put a few thoughts to paper - I'm sure I'll think of a few more. Things I shall miss Relatively empty roads Forests everywhere Clean cities Inexpensive meals when eating out 10 - 20 euro parking and speeding fines as opposed to the thieving whores in Britain charging £140 plus three points. TÜV every two years instead of once a year Outdoor cafes and restaurants The weather The health service The friends I have made The bread and brötchen Veggie balls from Lidl Getting in the car and driving to other countries without the need of a ferry boat. Things I shall not miss The constant fear that someone will sue me for something Bicycles going the wrong way on one way streets Bicycles full stop Ridiculous car insurance prices Ridiculous costs with anything to do with cars. The thought that they could work on the road outside my house and charge me for it Standing at traffic lights waiting for the green man when the road is completely empty The fear of burning anything in my garden in case a caring neighbour calls the fire brigade and I end up paying them Going to parties and everyone sitting at tables Having to clean not only the pavement outside my house but up to the middle of the road, although it's not done because it's a major road connecting two motorways