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  1. Air Berlin and now Germania

    Poor people are such a damned nuisance, they want to fly, they want to drive through towns and cities, they get on public transport and even sit on the seats.  I've even seen some shopping in my bio supermarket.
  2. Refrigerator temperature

    It must be the fact that I've just changed over from an ice box.
  3. Slow German internet

    Sounds like a big job.  Internal any good?
  4. Air Berlin and now Germania

    I can't see how any airline can survive when such a huge proportion of the ticket price is taken by the extortionate taxes.
  5. Refrigerator temperature

    If the prescribed temperature can only be reached in mid winter on the highest setting, what would happen in summer?  And if to reach the optimum temperature, the control has to be set on max, why do they waste money putting one in?
  6. Slow German internet

    Where I've located the router, it shows max reception.  Will the antenna do better?  I shall have to do some research on the subject i.e. what the hell is an LTE antenna.
  7. Slow German internet

    No, they changed me from standard DSL to hybrid.  I live in a small village and apparently VDSL won't be available till September.  Also, there are no other providers here.  When we first came here Vodafone said they could provide us with service but after a couple of months on a 'stick' with the speed of a 300 baud modem, they said they couldn't do it.
  8. Slow German internet

    Telekom recently forced me to change to the Hybrid system so I signed up for the 50Mb.  They didn't tell me that I would get higher upload speeds than downloading.  
  9. German Voting Rules

    Gordon bennet, is that confusing or what? BTW, Thanks.
  10. German Voting Rules

    This was one of the questions in the practice for the German citizenship test.  Apparently the answer is 5%.  However, I have no idea what it means, could somebody explain?  Thanks.   Wie viel Prozent der Zweitstimmen müssen Parteien mindestens bekommen, um in den Deutschen Bundestag gewählt zu werden?
  11. Refrigerator temperature

    They said they tested it and it had gone down to 3 degrees.  I argued that they did that with the setting at the coldest and what would happen when summer came round.  They insisted there was nothing wrong with it.  I've brought it back and installed it and shall wait to see what happens in summer.
  12. Refrigerator temperature

    It's a new fridge.  This is the info I found searching German sites.  It appears US and German requirements are different.  
  13. Refrigerator temperature

    My old fridge kicked the bucket so I bought another one.  I let it rest, installed it, let it run overnight and now after two days it's still 8ºC with the setting at 5, the highest.  I've searched the net and most sites say the temperature should be between 2 and 4ºC because any higher bacteria will start growing.  I packed it up and took it back.  They are saying that it should be 6ºC.  I told them that it's 8 and that is at the highest setting, what will happen in summer when the ambient temperature is higher? They said they will test it and phone us tomorrow. Any advice?
  14. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    Whore Britain - any way to make money and in the case of London also how to keep the rifraf out. There are many other ways of attempting to reduce polution but why bother when you can make moneyyyyyy!