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  1. Nothing to do this 4th July?  My son's monthly party for friends and new comers will be happening. This month Chemistry Club takes place on Thursday 4th July, and what better way to celebrate US independence from Britain than with a duo of British DJs playing all American tunes? Things with Wings will be joined by The Crane for a genre-spanning journey into this diverse and influential musical landscape. Expect the usual experimental vibes, freestyle flavours and tongue-in-cheek 'tude. Check it out HERE.
  2. What terrorist would be stupid enough to ge rid of these two cancerous boils of the UK's back? They're not going to waste their time.
  3. Tax on sale of a house

    Wow, i-jalapeno, I am in exactly the same position except the hof that my house is on has two houses, the second of which I bought seven years ago so now I need an English speaking lawyer with property law expertise to advise me on what to do and how to go about it. I would appreciate any recommendations for such a lawyer in Frankfurt or further up the A5.
  4. More slime, it makes my skin crawl.  How fucking embarrasing with the world watching this. I mean what sort of festering excrement makes up the 1922 Committee?
  5. Jonathan Pie describes the race. Wouldn't it be fun if they all fell and broke their legs and had to be shot.
  6. What was your first car?

    My first car I bought in 1969 for £34.  It was a 1963, orange, Mini van with splashes of blue - I don't know why they were there.  The floor on the driver's side was rusty and every time I went over a puddle, water splashed up my legs.  The gear box worked but I had to stir the stick around until it fell in the correct gear slot. Some idiot stole it! I was lucky, I got £34 from the insurance company.
  7. Forum explanation please

    Would somebody please explain - "74 topics in this forum" followed by "There are no topics in this forum yet". What am I missing?  
  8. To give away wind surfer, Mistral SST Diamond Head board with Airwave 50 sail and boom.  Unfortunately the mast and fin are missing. That's how I got it, thinking that someday I shall surf again but there's always been something else to do. 
  9. Verfassung versus Grundgesetz

    Thank you @tor, @Metall
  10. Verfassung versus Grundgesetz

    So basically, if I have understood correctly, the Grundgesetz is the constitution. But I get confused when they talk of the Bundesverfassunsgericht and not the Bundesgrundgesetzgericht.
  11. What is the difference between the Bundesverfassung and the Grundgesetz?  In my dictionary it shows both as the constitution.
  12. You lay down on your back or sitting up and leaning on the headboard. Does one leg involuntarily cross over the other? It happens to me every time and I don't like it because I think it hinders blood circulation. 
  13. Powerline recommendations

    So basically, @Sir Percy B is the only one using a wifi Powerline with his 1260E. Here is my problem in more detail. I am trying to provide internet to the adjoining house. The second house requires connection very rarely so not worth the expense of a complete internet system.  So, another question has come to mind. Will my present TP-Link TL-WA854RE, range extender, in my house, talk to another extender in the other house? i.e.   Router in my house ----------> Extender in my house ---------> Extender other house -----> wifi
  14. Powerline recommendations

    I need to extend the range of my wifi so am thinking of powerline adaptors with wifi.  I saw one in operation at my daughter's and was very disappointed at the weakness of the wifi.  Does anybody here use them and can make a recommendation, please.