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    Flown back to Blighty!
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  • Nationality British (London+Wales)
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  • Interests I was born on the 28th July in the year of Sputnik 1 & Fortran, apparently :-)

    As well as English, also speak dodgy French and German!

    Moved back to the UK, after 2 years in Munich, on 6th March 2007. Now back in my original neck of the woods - S.W. Essex/N.E. London, so anyone in the South East generally, would be nice to hear from you :-)

    Music - Rock, blues, reggae, World (celtic, Middle Eastern & North African in particular), most music with guitars!

    Films - mostly "ArtHousey", from any country but NOT dubbed! BFI in London on The South Bank. Mostly went to the Theatiner whilst in MUC (much quicker to get to!).

    Listening to radio - Talk & Music
    Talk in London: BBC Radio 4, World Service & 5Live. Late night LBC, TalkSport, Radio London.
    Talk in MUC: Bayern 2, DLF, DLRC, LORA München.

    Internet surfing :-)
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