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  1. Sherlock (UK series) is unbelievable and the lead actor (Benedict Cumberbatch) has consistently left me mindblown and speechless.


    Also, for the computer geeks out there, The IT Crowd is hilarious.


    As an American, I have really come to love British series' and I would love some recommendations.


  2. It has been comforting to hear that so many other Toytowners of all different ages have experienced families as painful as mine. This is the first year where I've decided to not head to the States for the holidays because I simply cannot bear the drama and insults anymore.

    My mom can't stand that I'm not living the life she imagined for me, so she insults me constantly to my sisters. They in turn just call and holler at me, calling me selfish for causing our "poor mom" so much strife.

    Unfortunately, my mother-in-law is a bit more demeaning and cruel than my own mother, so I'm trying to find a way to not do Christmas with my husband's family either. She has clearly stated that "daughter-in-laws are the lowest rung of the family, even below the dog", so I had only what was leftover on the table last Christmas and had to do the dishes alone. My husband was busy trying to find out if his brother, who's turned to drugs, is "ok".

    One sister and my friends have kept me sane, but my stomach lining is now in pieces from the stress. I'll definitely get counseling when I have kids because I can only seem to associate moms with emotional turmoil and distress.


  3. I'm relatively new to Frankfurt and know that there are plenty of native English speakers here, so I thought I'd give this a try.


    I moved to Germany 4 years ago for my then-boyfriend, now-husband. We moved from Cologne a few months ago and I'm looking for a few friends to get together for shopping, chatting over coffee, afternoon strolls... I worked while in Cologne, but am now taking a career break.


    A little about me:

    1. I'm Korean-American. I was born and raised in New Jersey and went to Uni near Chicago.

    2. I love travelling. Not resort vacations, but going places and taking part in life, learning a bit of the language and tasting new food.

    3. I've somehow never grown out of teenagery, drama series. (Gossip girl, anyone?)

    4. I love a good political/socio-economic discussion.

    5. My German is somewhere between B2 and C1. I still prefer to speak in English.


    PM me if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you!