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  1. That's totally true and some delay is to be expected. I have heard worst cases, up to two years delay. I appreciate your advice, it's just very frustrating to go through a negotiating process especially, as said in another post, the builder knows he can get away with almost anything.
  2.   Thanks lisa13 for sharing your neighbor's story. Unfortunately Berlin real estate market is quickly coming to similar levels as Munich and I believe builders know very well that they get get away with anything.
  3.   I guess that's the next step.
  4. Hi,   I've bought an apartment (neubau). By contract it was to be delivered in September 2018. The contract states that this date is "geschuldet und verbindlich" and that the constructor will compensate for any delay but states no amount, ie. per square meter. The constructor notified a delay of "bis zum" 6 months until March 2019 but refuses to 1) agree on a proper monetary compensation for the delay (they offered way too little) and 2) to provide any new guaranteed handover date (they are only willing to give us a 2-3 weeks notice before readiness to move in).   Things got heated and we detailed our claims in a formal letter. They still refuse to compromise.   At this point I'm wondering if we have the basis for going to court for breach of contract, eventually refusing to take over the apartment if/when ready, and asking for damages which would include all costs incurred (money already paid to the constructor, Notar, Makler, Grundsteuer, interests on the loan, etc.).   I'm also wondering what would be the implications with the bank, considering there is a mortgage involved.   Has anybody had similar situations? Any advice would be appreciated.   Thanks, --Francesco