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  1. Just thought of putting this here as someone I know had their computer hacked after taking such a call yesterday. The typical modus-operandi is to call a person (preferably someone pre-identified as not-so tech savvy), coax them into believing that their computer is infected and asking them to log onto some website so that they can repair the PC. This then allows them to monitor your PC remotely, and well, to glean stuff like saved address books, password-information etc. and to install trapdoor malwares/Trojans which can wreak irreparable damage. And on top of that, they would naturally charge you for having *fixed* your computer, which implies your credit card details are also with them...   Read more here: http://www.microsoft...hone-scams.aspx   Apparently this scam has already been doing rounds in the US for a couple of years. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has also taken some action and busted some of these fake tech outfits (mostly originating from India ), yet, the scam seems to be proliferating owing to lack of a concerted international legal offensive.