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  • Location Baden-Württemberg
  • Nationality JAmerican
  • Gender Female
  • Interests I love everything dealing with the creative aspect of life, cooking, baking, taking photos, making videos, and meeting open minded people who respect themselves and others.

    Dancing, Zumba, Step Aerobic, but more Dance Aerobic

About Me

About me:

I am open minded, care free, down to earth, silly at time individual who enjoy life from the simplest to the greatest. I am an ambitious, determine, goal orientated person who believe education is very important. I am a believer in a person trying than talking about doing. I have a good sense of humor; I do not make much bother me. I am easy going, very shy in person but trying to learn to be a little more social. I love all races and all sizes; you are all beautiful to me.

I am starting my new life/adventure in Germany with my husband who balance me. I really need balance sometimes. He is the reason why I will be living in Germany permanently:)

Who I'd like to meet:

I would like to meet open minded people who respect other people value, religion, and life. People who love to have fun and love life. People who love to meet different type of people for conversation. I am just looking for pure friendship.