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  1. Jokes

    I made a face mask for my pet duck, nothing fancy ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... but it fits the bill.
  2. The war on drugs is lost,

    Now this will seem like a very simplistic answer to a very complex question, but I feel the police are just chasing their tails. I watched a documentary last night about the undercover operations of the police tracking the drug dealers. Some of these cases showed that the criminals were monitored and filmed for up to 16 months, expensive and time consuming. Then when they had enough evidence, 200 officers were used to trap and arrest the gang of 12 men. Now I don't argue that hard drugs cause untold misery to the users, family, neighbours etc. If the sale of drugs were taken out of the hands of the gangs and sold under licence, there would be many advantages. The strength of the drug would be controlled, less risk of users overdosing. There would be less gang warfare with a decline in stabbings that are rife at the moment in the UK. Also, the money from this business would go into the government's coffers, this could be used in alcohol and drug treatment. Cannabis is sold under licence in Amsterdam, maybe that model should be looked at. Taking out these gangs does not take away the problem, you just promote lower down gangsters up the ladder. A user is not going to think, "Yippee" the dealers are locked up, I can stop using drugs now.
  3. Twat of the day

    Sometimes you read an article that just winds you up, this one does it for me and I feel it deserves an award. Have you got nominations for the award. This one is self explanatory.