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  1. here is the Act 43 

    4.3 Schönheitsreparaturen sind fachgerecht auszuführen. Die Schönheitsreparaturen umfassen das Tapezieren/Streichen der Wände und Decken, das Streichen der Fußböden, den Innenanstrich der Fenster, das Streichen der Türen und der Außentüren von innen sowie der Heizkörper, der Rohre und der Einbaumöbel (mit Kunststoff beschichtete Oberflächen dürfen keinen Anstrich erhalten). Die Schönheitsreparaturen sind spätestens nach Ablauf folgender Zeiträume auszuführen:

    in Küchen, Bädern und Duschen -alle drei Jahre
    in Wohn- und Schlafräumen, Fluren
    Dielen und Toiletten -alle fünf Jahre
    in anderen Nebenräumen -alle sieben Jahre

    Der Mieter ist für den Umfang der im Laufe der Mietzeit ausgeführten Schönheitsreparaturen beweispflichtig. Lässt in besonderen Ausnahmefällen der Zustand der Wohnung eine Verlängerung der vereinbarten Regelfristen zu oder erfordert der Grad der Abnutzung eine Verkürzung, so ist der Vermieter auf Antrag des Mieters verpflichtet, im anderen Fall berechtigt, nach billigem Ermessen die Fristen des Planes bezüglich der Durchführung einzelner Schönheitsreparaturen zu verlängern oder zu verkürzen.

    12. Rückgabe der Mietsache

    Bei Beendigung des Mietverhältnisses sind die überlassenen Räume im ordnungsgemäßen Zustand zu übergeben.

    Hat der Mieter die Schönheitsreparaturen übernommen, so sind die nach Nr. 4.3 AVB fälligen Schönheitsreparaturen rechtzeitig vor Beendigung des Mietverhältnisses auszuführen.

    Sind bei Beendigung des Mietverhältnisses Schönheitsreparaturen noch nicht fällig im Sinne von Nr. 4.3 AVB, so hat der Mieter an den Vermieter einen Kostenanteil zu zahlen, da die Übernahme der Schönheitsreparaturen durch den Mieter bei der Berechnung der Miete berücksichtigt worden ist. Zur Berechnung des Kostenanteils werden die Kosten einer im Sinne der Nr. 4.3 AVB umfassenden und fachgerechten Schönheitsreparatur zum Zeitpunkt der Beendigung des Mietverhältnisses ermittelt. Der zu zahlende Anteil entspricht in der Regel dem Verhältnis zwischen den vollen Fristen lt. Nr. 4.3 AVB un den seit Ausführung der letzten Schönheitsreparaturen bis zur Räumung abgelaufenen Zeiträumen. Soweit der Mieter noch nicht fällige Schönheitsreparaturen rechtzeitig vor Beendigung des Mietverhältnisses durchführt, ist er von der Zahlung des Kostenanteils befreit.


    and Here googled into English  (of sorts )   


    4.3 Cosmetic repairs are carried out professionally. The cosmetic repairs include wallpapering / painting the walls and ceiling, painting the floors, the interior painting of the windows, painting the doors and exterior doors from the inside as well as the radiator, the pipes and the built-in furniture (plastic-coated surfaces must not paint condition) , The cosmetic repairs are completed not later than after the expiry of the following periods:

    in kitchens, bathrooms and showers -all three years
    in living rooms and bedrooms, hallways
    Boards and toilets -all five years
    in other ancillary rooms -all seven years

    The Tenant is responsible for the scope of cosmetic repairs performed during the rental period. Lets in exceptional cases the condition of the apartment for an extension of the agreed rule deadlines or requires the degree of wear shortening, so is the owner at the request of the tenant obliged entitled in the other case, at its discretion, the terms of the plan with respect to the implementation of certain cosmetic repairs to lengthen or shorten.

    12 return of the rented

    Upon termination of the lease, the licensed premises must be handed over in proper condition.

    If the tenant has taken the cosmetic repairs, so the fees payable under no. 4.3 GCI cosmetic repairs are timely execute before termination of the lease.

    upon termination of the lease are cosmetic repairs not yet due within the meaning of no. 4.3 GCI, the tenant has to pay to the landlord a cost share, since the takeover of cosmetic repairs has been taken into account by the tenant in the calculation of the rent. To calculate the cost share the cost within the meaning of no. 4.3 GCI comprehensive and professional beauty repair at the time of termination of the lease will be determined. The payable share generally corresponds to the ratio between the full periods lt. No. 4.3 GCI un the implementation since the latest cosmetic repairs last until clearance periods. Unless the tenant does not yet due Cosmetic repairs carried out in good time before termination of the lease, it is exempt from paying the cost share.


  2. Hi Everyone ! i have been requested to help out a Old lady who would like to see Photos of her sons grave in the Durnbach War Cemetary .But they don’t realize I am down in Karlsruhe so I thought I would ask you guys to help out here is a screen shot of the Message I got !

    Thanks for reading


    Message me if you think you can do this


    Screenshot at 2016-03-06 12:44:08.png


  3. If that is how the Landlord is at the start then do not even bother moving in .its trouble waiting to happen This is the problem in Germany the bullying tactics of (Not just Landlords) and people not standing up for themselves.

    I am finished on this topic and I think what advise I have given was helpful! also don't forget the electrical stuff that's in the Kitchen is old so will need renewing in a couple of years if not sooner and Hey!!! Maybe they bought that kitchen with them from the last house they had :unsure:


  4. BoFrost is dear but you can buy from them and they have super quality goods its frozen but very good!


    The following page is translated but have a read

    I am a bofrost salesman (off sick with a new Knee) but I do know my customers were very happy with Bofrost Free

    and they will bring it to your door and also you can phone and ask them to bring stuff anytime you need it ie a party or something another good thing is if you do not like what you bought you may give it back or if you dont have it any more tell the driver that you did not like it and you will get your money back



  5. @ itsnikee

    You do not need to take the Kitchen which the last people paid for! I had this problem as well but my German wife said to them! NO thank you I do not like the Kitchen it is not what I want! and they had to take it with them you do not have to accept the kitchen from someone else .and you must make sure that you get in your papers that you moved in without decorating and have decorated yourself! also photograph any damage (very important)also dont forget if you buy the Kitchen and move you will have to sell it or REMOVE it when you leave as it is not part of the inventory

    This link has been translated but have a look


    and here is another regarding renovation! its badly translated but you will understand the main stuff





  6. Like they say look in the contract! Did you paint the walls yourself when you moved in? If yes you are Ok! If no then had the owner renovated before you moved in?

    Its a very tricky thing and the owners like to have the house ready for the next person as cheap as possible !also watch out for the carpets or floor coverings these will also be looked at


    This has been google translated but you will be able to understand



    Keep in touch and Let us know what happens


  7. If you own your house you will need house insurance, The food?? Well thats your own thing to find out nobody can tell you what you need for your family! Fuel for the car Horrendous 1.50 to 1 60€ and it will go up in the summer ,road tax depends on car type and emission , and Insurance for the Car could be high if you have no claims , !!

    Books and stuff you will have to buy yourself for the kids .We pay 100 € a month in advance on our water and electricity and we always have to pay more at the end of the year We live in a two roomed flat!


    One good thing is Beer is as cheap as Hell :D


  8. I have a BRAND NEW 28 gear trecking Bike that I want to swap for a good condition (Less Gears bike ) I just cannot get the hang of the gears! the Bike is like I said Brand New I am also a bit frightened to ride a Bike and all these gears just stop me concentrating!