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  1. Hi All,   Just want to briefly share a recent experience with with the hope that you can avoid it. Not German bashing per se, more like sharing a lesson learned.   I purchased a flight on, from Munich to Tanzania. Range of €1000. The same day, I called and changed the flight to depart a day earlier. Expedia policy is that you can change (cancel and rebook) any flight on the same day with no additional charges. The first booking shows up as "Inaktiv", and the new one as "aktiv". Everything OK so far.   In the financial process, Expedia first gets an "authorization" to charge (proof I have the €), and then turns the authorization into an actual "purchase" (transfer of money) once the booking is complete or services rendered. You can see this online in your credit card or debit card accounts - first an authorization, then it updates to a purchase. They were supposed to cancel the authorization, since the flight was cancelled.   Instead, Expedia turned it into a purchase. My money is gone, but they know that they cancelled the booking (I have spoken with them on the phone). I now have to go through the claims process with my bank to get the money back. Might take 30-90 days, and is a pain (filling out forms, etc.)   Lesson to you all: beware cancelling a trip on Expedia. Expect to watch your account to make sure they refund the money, or start a claim process right away with your credit card / bank if it turns into a purchase.   Just want you to avoid this situation in the future.   Regards, Jeff