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  1. Neighbor's behavior in shared hallway

      sorry I meant one of the boxes!
  2. Hi guys,    I have a question / am looking for some advice on how to handle the situation.    We live in a 3 floor, 6 uni apartment building, and we live on the top floor. Our neighbor lives in an apartment only about 10 square meters larger than ours (about 78 m2, I think) and has 2 small children. our doors are right next to each other, basically sharing a corner. When I moved in about a year ago, my now husband was already living here. They had one of these little shoe rack things with their 'storage shoes', not every day shoes (like hiking boots, rain boots etc) as well as a some children's jackets hanging on top. Over the course of 6 months, i guess the SAHM started an online business or some sort? Because she receives 4-5 packages a couple of times a week, which she has startted packing up next to the shoe rack. Now when I got home today, there was a full garbage bag, two pairs of shoes lying around, and an empty open boy laying in front of her / therefore our door. Now I don't have to step over this stuff to get inside my house but it takes up maybe... 1/2 of the hallway, and I have to use the 1/2 available to get to my door. I am pregnant, and my hormones are admittedly through the roof, so I am not sure if I am overreacting or if they are basically treating our hallway like an extension of their living room. What do you guys think? If it is too much, should I talk to them? How do you tell someone who has had their stuff there for at least a year that they need to figure something else out? Also, we are having twins, and getting in and out of the apartment with two car seats while trying to circumvent their packaging/junk is not something I am really looking forward too...   Thanks in advance   b90   p.s. I have already stealth mode taken a picture to send to my mom, if anyone wants to see it
  3. We want you: Expats for Usability Study in Munich

    Also, regarding the preliminary survey's giveaway... how can you have a giveaway if you never collect any contact information...?