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  1. Online German classes

    Check out! 
  2. That is great!!!!!!! but please tell me the 5 was a typo???? If they transfer 5€ I will die 
  3. How absolutely shitty. I am so sorry you guys are going through this. Please forgive the potential crudeness of the question but do you guys have enough money for food?    EDIT: OK I just reread and I overlooked that you are both still earning a little bit of money. Just wanted to make sure. Good luck ❤️ 
  4. Best hospitals for natural birth

      When I gave birth at RdI there was a lot of  stress about the 10% rule. There was no mention of it not being relevant because they were c section babies. 
  5. Best hospitals for natural birth

    Yes exactly that’s why I said sometimes, my mom also didn’t have any issues but I did and a friend of mine did. This is all anecdotal of course. I am glad you didn’t have issues! 
  6. Best hospitals for natural birth

    Ok! So they had 2 person and 3 person rooms with private rooms available on a first come first serve basis. Our first night we were put into a 2 person room as all private rooms were booked but then the second and third nights we were put into a private room. The only thing was that it had no private bathroom so I always had to go across the hallway to go to the bathroom / shower but the biggest thing after a c section is standing up, not walking or shuffling so that wasn’t that important. Just had to make sure i was relatively decent when leaving the room.    so i don’t have any sources to support this but I was told that it sometimes take longer for women who have c sections to have their milk come in. This was absolutely the case with me and so since my boobs were not overflowing within the first 12 hours after having the c section, Everyone was pretty much on the ‘formula feed’ train after the first night and really concerned about the 10% weight that they are allowed to lose. I was adamant that I wanted to breastfeed though and although literally all of the nurses were telling me to formula feed, they had an amazing Stillberaterin (lactation consultant) who supported me, came by a lot, gave me tons of advice and help and encouragement and really made the beginning of the breastfeeding experience a positive one. If you do choose RdI let me know and I will find her on their website, ok? 
  7. Best hospitals for natural birth

    I gave birth at rechts der Isar, I was considered a high risk pregnancy and they did their best to inform me of every risk of a natural birth whenever they got a chance. I ended up having a c-section. If you are looking for a hospital which has top of the line equipment and will definitely be able to take care of you and your baby should there be any serious health issues, I would Absolutely recommend them. If you are looking for someplace to let your body do it’s thing despite being high risk, that is not the place in my personal opinion. I will say that the woman who weren’t high risk and came to just have their babies ‘normally’ were really encouraged to let things take their natural route, giving homeopathic stuff instead of hard drugs at first, working with warmth and movement etc. it’s just the high risk cases that were taken very seriously. I have birth 18 months ago so everything is relatively fresh, let me know if you need any more info.