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  1.   The team of insurance and investment experts at Chambervelt, Rooselain & Cie. Ltd. – including Toytown’s well known “Starshollow” - offer you independent advice and quotations service on all kinds of insurance and financial planning for English-speaking clients in Germany.  We are known in the Expat community to be THE experts for health insurance – and can even offer a special group tariff for self-employed Expats coming to Germany together with ASEIG (association of self-employed Expats in Germany) which no other broker has access to.  Furthermore we are specialized in catering to US-nationals living in Germany with pension planning (including 401k-consolidation and IRA-advice). And for Expats who still have a pension pot in the UK and wonder, if they are better off moving it out of the UK (QROPS-transfer) or leaving it in the UK for good, we can offer fully independent and unbiased QROPS-advice together with our British partners – entirely fee-based. Last but not least, if you have been tricked into a bad QROPS transfer to some of those overpriced offshore plans, we can act as QROPS-saver for you by helping you to escape this trap.   Click to make a free enquiry. The following services are included:     • Health insurance  (German, International with §193 VVG compliance and a special group tariff for self-employed Expats in Germany which is compliant with both § 193 VVG and § 257 SGB V, the latter often being important for Visa-applications) • 3rd party liability insurance, renter's, home owner's, legal, disability and life insurance • Private, corporate, and tax saving pension plans for employees and self-employed ·         QROPS transfers, Offshore pension plans with fair and transparent cost structures ·         US-pension consolidation (401k, 403b, ROTH-IRA and IRA) • Investment advice – fee-based starting at 100.000 EUR investment volume - with a strong focus on passive investment funds (ETFs, Dimensional Fund Advisors ) in order to keep your costs low and generate more profit for you Here you’ll find an overview which insurances you really need   Click here for our video   About Chambervelt, Rooselain & Cie. Ltd.:   German laws, rules and regulations are the most complicated in the world. Germans invented red-tape-administration! As an annoying side-effect for Expats, simple issues like finding the right health insurance, custom-tailored pension plans or alternative investment opportunities which fit your personal profile can be very tiring without some expert advice. Furthermore: Your financial life is as individual as a fingerprint – one size does not fit all to this regards. That's why having your own C R & Cie. financial advisor is so important in order to get a really personalized, financial plan based on your daily needs, long-time objectives, goals and dreams.   C R & Cie. is a specialized service fully streamlined for and dedicated to the ExPat-community in Germany and not just an appendix to some standard bank or insurance. We are duly registered and licensed as an insurance broker and financial advisor. If you do not yet understand the vast and important difference between an tied insurance agent and independent insurance broker like us, check HERE on our website for an explanation      You can also see all our licenses/regulation for offering financial advice in Germany here: . This is the basic information every advisor needs to disclose to you upon first contact. If you do not receive such information from other advisors, demand it! If it is not provided, the advice is probably not licensed and thus not only illegal but also without proper regulation in case you find yourself the victim of malpractice.   The range of services and the completely independent advice are the result of more than 12 successful years focusing entirely on the needs and wishes of ExPats. If you want to have some references about the quality of our advice and services, we’ll be happy to provide you with recommendations from other ExPats who have become our clients since 2005 – or check out the real and unedited comments from other Toytowners below.   The advisory service is free of direct charges for insurance advice- for pension planning we offer both fee-based advice and commission-based advice. When it comes to investment advice, we recommend an approach based on inexpensive passive investment funds (ETFs, Dimensional) and therefore only offer fee-based advice. We do offer service and advice either by Email, phone  and Videoconference/Skype for all of Germany and 1:1-meeting in the Munich area (main office), Stuttgart and Berlin. Every couple of months we also organize meetings in Frankfurt and other cities upon request.   Contact:    If you like to be contacted in confidence, please send an e-mail to or use our contact form from the website. We will answer you within 48 hours at the latest. For direct contact please call 0700 226525688 (from within Germany).  Note that all quotations and advisory services for insurances are usually free of direct charges. Any fees we’ll charge you for pension planning and investment advice will be disclosed and quoted to you in advance, so that there you’ll never need to fear being charged any fees until you have been informed so beforehand and explicitly agreed to it.