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  1. mad    Pintu

    Thanks Pintu but your great place is out of my price range. I appreciate your contacting me. Good luck in finding a renter. Mad

  2. Hi Pintu, Thx for your response. I am looking for an unfurnished place and long-term since I'm retired. Most furnished places have a time limit fixed in the contract rather than the usual open end with 3 month termination.What about yours? Price? Location? Near Neubiberg ok since my family lives nearby...just wanted to be outside of Munich if posible. Details?  Thx! Mad
  3. Quiet female just moved back from the states to Munich to retire near my family. Fluent in German. Need an unfurnished 1-1.5 room apartment in Neubiberg, southeast of Munich. Budget around €600-700 all bills included. Please pm me if you know of any leads. Thanks!