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  1. Hi,    Our landlord wants to sell the house we rent. We don't want to move.    We have been here 10years. In this time the house value has gone from 280 to about 820k.   My understanding is that he will get 20-25 percent less if he sells with sitting tenants to an investor.    Firstly, if he sells is it correct we by law can stay for 10years. The only shorter option for him is to claim he needs it for family member or him. In which case we get 9 months notice. Since, we have a regular increase in the contract we couldnt in future get a huge rent increase applied to force us out in either circumstance.    He offered us 10k to move out with no obligation to renovate just go. But on my calculation he could be short 100k+ if he sells with a sitting tennent. He also seems to be marketing to families.    I told him 30k and we will go quickly.    Has anyone else been in a similar situation and has any advice on what kind of deal you managed to negotiate?    He claims this is tax free to me, but I doubt the whole sum could be.  Probably only the actual moving costs then the rest at marginal rate.    I will of course consult the mietvehrein and Steuerberater but if someone already knows something it would be useful info.    Any thoughts gratefully received.    Cheers,  Jono      
  2. I always find these topics amusing. If you don't like the asking price just move on or make an offer in private. No one is compelled to buy or sell at a price other than what they find agreeable. 
  3. A1 motorcycle license relaxations uproar

    I am a motorcyclist. Training is required but the current costs in Germany are ludicrously high. If you have a car licence then a one day practical is more than sufficient to cover basic handling and safety awareness. The rest comes with experience and your responsibility. In the UK it was in the past possible to go from zero to full motorbike license in 5 days course for car drivers. This was more than adequate with high focus on safety. The final exam on road was not easy and focused on safe riding and control. Pass rate was about 60 percent. I think the balance was right. Electric motorbikes equivalent in power to 125cc would be a perfect near city commute option and should be encouraged rather than otherwise. 
  4. Thanks for all the comments so far.  A wide set of opinions.   From my perspective it's easy to imagine significant costs to move, kitchen, storage, renting temporary place, caution... . Also risk in finding something new in the Munich Market. I will be starting a new job on probzeit too.    In the end I don't have to be reasonable, the landlord mislead me about certain additional costs when we rented. I don't owe him a favour. If it's in his interest to have us move I have no reason not to negotiate hard.    Of course you run the risk of no deal, but he's already moved 5k more. I suspect there is a least 8k more to be had if he has an offer in hand.    I also had feedback from someone who is a landlord with a portfolio of properties, he said you should reasonable expect somewhere between 20-30k.   Let's see ?