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  1. Many people on TT or on other forums do not post to "Win Friends and Influence People"... Look, if most of us were as consistantly opinionated or deliberative in our day-to-day lives as we are on a discussion forum, then we would spend most of our time alone as it's simply not socially acceptable to express everything that you think about politics, religion and other sensitive topics.


    In fact, some topics like religion and politics are considered absolutely taboo to discuss in certain company in some cultures.


    That is the very reason that so many people post here. It's a place for discussion and debate and some people enjoy the atmosphere more than others. True, topics that should stay at the discussion level do often digress to mud-slinging contest when people use ad hominem arguments.


    I very often intentionally go into a debate mode similar to what I was accustomed to in school and I have seen others do that as well. If you view a discussion forum on the net as a place to make friends or be social in the same way you would during personal interaction, then of course you are going to be shocked by the tone of certain post.


    If you want to make friends or get to know people, go out and do it personally..face-to-face. Online is simply not a place to gauge the true nature of other people. The TT forum is predominantly about the exchange of information be it in the form of practical knowledge or intellectual opinions.


    Don't try to make it something it's not and you won't be disappointed.


  2. I have been following the case in the papers and on the net since last week. An Amercian man I met here claims that he knows Knox. What I find additionally disturbing is the media's wording ..I keep reading headlines like, "Extreme Sex Case" and "Violent Sex Case" about calling it what it is? Violent Rape Murder.


    That's sensationalistic enough already but the media just love to put a twist on sexual assault and battery to make it sound like a turn-on for sickos.


    "Woman battered by their Spouses" is another media phrase I hate. How about calling it what it is? "Men who beat the shit out of their wives" ugghh. :angry:

    " Another Sexual Assault" - sounds less uncomfortable to the reader I suppose than, "Another Woman is Raped by a Man...again" ..stupid media.


  3. Brian May, rock star and astrophysicist, has been appointed chancellor of Liverpool John Moores University.



    "Brian May is an intensely talented individual who achieved global success with Queen," said the university's vice chancellor, Michael Brown, in a statement. "In this age of celebrity culture, it is rare to find someone who has fame, fortune and universal acclaim and yet who remains true to his core values of learning and enlightenment."


    May succeeds Cherie Booth, wife of former Prime Minister Tony Blair.


    Liverpool John Moores University was formed in 1992 from the former Liverpool Polytechnic.



    The university host an Astrophysics Research Institute and employs other notable names such as Andreja Gomboc, the Slovene astrophysicist.



    Gotcha. Because you've never seen any, other ketchup/catsup/kachap can't possibly exist.

    I never said or implied that. I said I haven't seen it, that's all.



    Saint knows best.

    You're finally catching on.



    Could you please start a Saint's World thread to keep us up to date with all of our other misconceptions and the corrections therefor?

    You mean something similar to your "woe is me, no one I work with knows shit. I'm the only one with a brain around here", blog?


    Gotcha ;)


    Now I'm catching on too. It's taken me a while but I'm getting there. For fuck's sake BD, can't we have a conversation and state our observations without you getting personal?!

    But thanks for the heads up about the condoms.




  5. Garibaldi, your ears protude? :wub:


    You must be looking at member profiles alot if you can keep up with hourly changes. Is that a secret crush or an obsession?


    *plans to place photo of herself under a rock in Garibaldi's back yard to completely upset his quest for god and sense of secure reality*


  6. Looks good Gideon..If I was posting such a recipe or writing one down in my book at home, I would call that a paste though. OK, I'll stop now. I was just curious.


    So when would you call a sauce a gravy or vice versa? The net might give one definition but I think it varies regionally. For me, gravy goes on meat or bisquits (southern style bisquits that is) but bernaise is a sauce and not a gravy even though it goes on meat (but definately NOT on bisquits).


    I make a cheese sauce and a cheese gravy depending on what it's to be served with and how I make it.


  7. I think that ketchup is so universally known as being made with tomatos (despite the quote Keydeck posted) that to specify that ketchup is "tomato" is odd.

    I have shopped for groceries in 7 different countries at least and never seen any of the ketchups that the google search listed.


    It's like saying, "lubricated condom", all condoms today have some form of lubrication on them. Specifying "extra lubrication" etc..makes sense but why specify the obvious?


    As far as the blueberry or mushroom "ketchups" go, I would call those a paste or a sauce.


  8. Ban rocks. They're hard, don't do much, totally useless really. Kind of like me without a job.


    Ban people with ears that protrude too far out.


    Ban scary clowns, they give me the creeps.


    Ban cheese with live maggots in it and the weird French people who eat it.



    Saint, how do you know these men harassing you are Muslim?

    Because they look like this, only less clean:



    And they speak heavily accented French and are normally with other men dressed, behaving and speaking just like them. And sometimes they carry signs saying: "Hug me I'm Muslim"


    But hey, I could be wrong, the could be California surfers.



    Paris has the largest Muslim population of any European city. That increases the chances of coming into contact with Muslim men. Unfortunately, not all Muslim men are female friendly and respectful.


  10. It is ridiculous Schotte and is one of the reasons I am moving out of my flat and back to a quieter area.


    The three instances on Saturday were:


    1. I'm sitting in the internet café and suddenly a man comes up behind me, puts his arms around my shoulders!!! and touches my hair!!! Then he says, "What's your name?". I was in such shock that he had his hands on me, I said, "No! get away!"

    Then he walked out.


    2. I arrived at Pigalle for a friend's party on Saturday night and as I'm on the phone with him looking for the place, some Muslim (they are very often Muslim - that's a fact, not a predjudice) says, "oooh" and tries to speak to me. That's when I yelled "fuck off!" because I was already upset about the man who touched me in the internet cafe


    3. When I left the party I was in the Ubahn and yet another obviously Muslim man got on and said in English, "wow" as he walked by. I just stared at the window. Then he sits in the seat behind me with his back to me and starts whispering things in French in my ear. His friend was laughing. I turned around and said loudly, "I don't understand you and I'm married with three children and my husband is violent"


    He got off at the next station.


    This kind of thing happens ALL the time. In July and August it was so bad that I actually started wearing a wedding ring that my sister sent me. It didn't help that much, it only kept the decent men away.


    I have been followed in the metro, whistled at from men in a delivery truck and when I ignored them and didn't even look, they called out at me, "Pute" (whore). I was dressed in a business suit at the time and walking in front of Trinite Church where my office was.


    The Muslim men are the worst. They will make strange noises with their mouths and try to speak to me.


    One day at Chatelet by the time I got from one end of the street to the other, FOUR men, really, fucking 4 of them, had either approached me or said something to me. By the time I met my friends (on of them is a TTer) at the end of the street..I was so fed up I felt exhausted from it. It's hard to explain.


    This only happens in certain areas of Paris though. Thankfully there will be some relief when I move. It's not shadowy, unseen figures following me, it's assertive men getting right up in my face.


  11. I never had anything like this happen to me in Munich but it happens to me so much in Paris that I have sometimes reached boiling point. There are some weirdos out there that follow women or harrass women who look different or foreign. I don't know what you look like Broadway but if you have an exotic look to you, that can attrack Paris anyway and perhaps even a few in Munich.


    I have way too many stories of things happening in Paris to even count them all. But just yesterday had three men harass me. One actually put his arms around me and touched my hair.


    Now I scream, "FUCK OFF!" without a moment's hesitation.


  12. Let's see, Nazis are allowed to demonstrate in Munich but the CSU only gets their panties in a knot over sex between consensual adults. One promotes racism and intolerance and has a murderous history, the other promotes pleasure, passion, unity, fun and eventually, babies. Hell, the CSU should be celebrating. Don't they want more German women knocked-up to raise the birth rate?


  13. Scogs, you mean when you sat your camera on a three legged stool in directly in the middle of an area with 20 very drunk people around instead of holding on to it? Sorry about that.


  14. Another thing I need to get off my chest:


    On Wednesday I flew into Munich and for the first hour or so there, was in awe of all the great things that I miss about it. Why then, did some fucking German have to go an kill my buzz?

    I got into a taxi and started having a nice conversation with the German taxi driver about Bavarian food. So far, so good. Then the dialog went like this:


    Driver: You know, I like America but I don't like my aunt who moved there because she left German when she married a man from Poland and you know, we gased the Polish so...but still, she shouldn't have moved!




    Driver: Yeah and I like George Bush, he's a little Hitler


    Me: um, well yes some call him that.


    Driver: yeah, I think it's a good thing! The world needs a little Hitler now and then! The Jews you see, they are running everything in the world. They hold all the money and all that's going on in the world is being driven by them.






    Driver: well, that's what I think anyway, I'm not sure.


    Me: (politely) well perhaps you should research your theory then.


    For the rest of the ride he went on and on about the Jews and what a great leader Hitler was. I was too shocked to speak. Then he over-charged me by about 8€ and tried to ask me out.