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  1. Photo placements on The Local

    Ever find the layouts on The Local a little odd in terms of picture placement?   Guess it's all about your perspective...     Presumably the guy had been trying to text whilst driving and lost it when the network went down.
  2. Cats do some stupid stuff

    Spent nearly half an hour yesterday trying to get Greebo down out of the very small gap between the ceiling and the top of the wardrobe. No idea how he got up there as there's no easy access even with the acrobatic skills of a cat.     Ok, the whole half hour wasn't spent trying to get him down. Some was spent pointing and laughing and taking photos.  
  3. Squash courts in Munich

    Is anyone interested in a game of squash?   Don't matter if you're awful, average, or even Peter Nicol, I just wanna get out and have a few games.   I used to play at the RSC (now the InJoy Center) near Friedenheimerbrücke & Hirschgarten but have been letting it slide of late. I'm open to other locations though.