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  1. Good question... By camping, do you mean the good ol' German style with a camper, or do you mean with a tent?

    I can imagine you'll have better luck if you're "zelten".

    I had a look when planning my vacation this summer, and the really good campsites say they're already booked (in Bavaria and Austria), I also saw some that said, just show up and they'll find a place for you.


  2. 19 hours ago, alexunterwegs said:

    Just find it a pity for the league's compeitiveness  that FC Bayern seem to be heading for their 11th consecutive title.  

    Thats why I lost interest honestly, and I consider Bayern to be my favorite team.


    I really wish they could implement a salary cap like in the NFL, it definitely makes the league more competitive as a whole.

    I do realize that the problem with that would be international games, Champions League, etc... 


    I was pretty into Bundesliga when I first moved here, for the first 2-3 years, but once Bayern just bought out the competition, it's just not interesting to me anymore.


  3. I'm happy with my gigabit Cable from Vodafone, I had Kabel-Deutschland a long time ago, who got taken over by Vodafone... then for some reason, my apartment building was not approved for cable and I could only get DSL...

    This year I happened to check, and cable is allowed here again, so I switched from O2 DSL to Vodafone Cable as quickly as possible.

    I have a month to month plan, so I can cancel at any time, but I haven't had any problems. I didn't have any issues in the past either.


    I work from home, so I also need it stabile- with DSL, you'll have the "Zwangstrennung" where your DSL goes offline for a few minutes everyday... its some archaic German thing, and it drove me crazy!


  4. 35 minutes ago, MikeMelga said:

    I have mixed opinions regarding home office. I've seen people performing better, but in general it's not good in the long run. People lose team spirit, some just pretend to work, and people abuse calls after business hours.

    Personally I think we should go back to at least 3 out of 5 days to office.

    Another point is that if this home office thing keeps going for more than 5 years, there will be massive mental problems, either from lack of social interaction or creation of bad habits. The drinking cabinet is just too close...

    In my company I also know our production department, including the engineers, are pissed that R&D can work from home and they can't.

    Somehow I knew that was you who wrote this when I saw it on the front page. Man, I haven't really said anything before, but apparently you and I don't see eye to eye on a lot of things! (which is fine, when I think you're full of shit, I just keep it to myself as you are allowed to have your own opinions, even if they are wrong :P- mainly referring to crypto)


    Obviously I can only base this on myself, I was home office before Covid- we dont even have an office. I took a bit of a cut in wages when I took this job, but I'm better mentally now than when I had to go to the office or to customers all the time. 


    I personally hate that team spirit shit. I dont like work. I dont like working (for the most part, sometimes I do enjoy when I've been working on a problem for a while and finally solve it). I dont want to hang out with these people, I just want to work my required 40 hours per week and take my 6 weeks of vacation and thats it.


    I procrastinated and played around on the internet just as much when I was in the office as I do when I am working from home. Social interactions I still have- and with people who I actually want to socialize with! Sure bad habits, not getting work done and drinking too much/too early- those are self control things, and honestly will sort themselves out on their own. 


  5. On 4/21/2022, 5:40:00, Weevil said:

    Has anyone travelled to the US recently and had to take a test ? Are the free schnelltests given at various booths around munich valid for US flights ?

    Just got back from the US- the free schnelltest at the Munich airport is fine (as are the ones at the booths).

    On 4/22/2022, 5:55:32, MollyWolly said:

    My parents just visited last month from the US and used schnelltests to return. Can’t speak for Munich since we are in the Koblenz area, but the airlines are fine with those tests.

    No test is needed on returning to Germany, just proof of vaccination.


  6. Back in the States, I used to buy my water (distilled, reverse-osmosis) from my local saltwater aquarium shop (it was for my saltwater aquarium...). I'm guessing aquarium shops here might do the same? Doesn't have to specialize in saltwater aquariums, I suppose people with boring aquariums (freshwater) need clean water too.

    I would just bring my own 5 gallon container and pay by the gallon.


  7. 1 hour ago, catjones said:

    recent references?


    37 minutes ago, YoRambo said:

    Hi Catjones


    Any references , tips ,experience is appreciated.

    I don't understand what catjones is asking there. I unfortunately don't have anything to offer, I just am following this as I will be in a similar situation soon.


    It does kind of sound like there could be some unexpected expenses pop up if you go the Generalunternehmer way.


    Good luck to you.


  8. 1 hour ago, AlexTr said:


    I have some unopened packages of Quaker Quick Grits. Do you want one?


    If it's packages, that sounds like Instant Grits... which are better than no grits!


    23 minutes ago, AlexTr said:

     I do NOT like cheese grits, but I won't freak out if you crumble some bacon in my grits.



    WHAT?! The cheese takes grits to a whole new level!


  9. 6 hours ago, optimista said:

    Ah, restrictions on personal freedom of communication... so, for example, internet stalking has continued, muses Sherlock to herself.

    1 hour ago, Taffyhereford said:

    It's basic simple communication (using what's app to talk to my wife) 


    Mainly using social media (What's app) 


    Whoa! Impressive Sherlock!



  10. On 11/1/2021, 6:15:20, snowingagain said:

    The router obviously supports 5G.  Have looked into checking if my new laptop does, but it is too complicated for me, especially as the operating system is in German.  Thanks though.  My son, who is pretty good at this stuff is also puzzled, spent some hours trying different fixes.

    You don't need to look in the OS, just google the model of your Laptop to see what WiFi adapter it has.

    Or post it here and let someone else google it for you.


  11. On 11/1/2021, 5:54:56, Dembo said:

    Only on 5GHz?


    Configure the router to separate the 2.4GHz and 5GHz, then if your laptop (especially the older one) doesn't see the 2.4GHz, you've got a weird problem.


  12. 4 hours ago, optimista said:

    Sorry to break it to you... but... the acoustics on your vid are beyond terrible. And your delivery is too quick (garbled). Cannot understand a word you are saying. I had to strain to decipher what language you are speaking. Yes, it is that bad.


    Do not shoot the messenger.

    Weird, I clicked on it expecting to feel the same way, as I often have that problem with YouTube videos.

    Yeah, she could have a dedicated mic which would solve the acoustics problem, but I guess you haven't seen videos where the acoustics actually are beyond terrible... her video is pretty average I would say, as far as acoustics are concerned. (Listened on my shitty laptop speakers)