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  1. Let’s play : find Yasmin A’s insta

    Yasmin Adli is indeed from Florida, or were you just confirming your suspicions?
  2. Where to buy a Whippet puppy? Or kitten?

    Yeah, sorry, but if you aren't adopting, I'm not gonna help you google. I'm sadly astonished to see that there are still people who don't adopt. I can, however, share with you plenty of news articles on puppy smugglers from east Europe who run puppy mills and take the puppies away from their mom too early, and transported in shitty conditions to people in western Europe.   I mean, you can find a rescue of any breed you want, also puppies... you might have to be patient, but you'll be a much better person for it.   I have adopted 2 purebred rescue chihuahuas, one was used as a "stud" in Hungary to make puppies, and at the age of 7 had apparently fulfilled his purpose and was put in a kill-shelter. He was rescued along with a female who was pregnant with his puppies. She had the puppies once she was in Germany, so someone was able to adopt puppies... I assume that happens from time to time.   Sorry (kinda... not really) to be judgy, but it's something that I feel strongly about.
  3. Relocating to Munich from San Francisco; looking for advice

    Jesus dude. I'm gonna have to go visit Portugal, it sounds sooooo much better than here!   Also- Columbia is not "fine", Columbia is much better than Jeck Volfskin.
  4. certificate of residence not Residence permit card

    Is it... a certificate of residence?
  5. Dealing with Sound Modified Car and Police & TUV ?

    A lot. Welcome to Germany.  Sorry dude.
  6. Take daily injection to avoid blood clot

  7. Take daily injection to avoid blood clot

    Well that was the problem with finding this out on Friday afternoon, I have a lot more questions now, but will have to wait til tomorrow morning. But I wasn't in the hospital to begin with, just had gone to a "Praxis" to see an internist.    Are you going to have to take blood thinners for the rest of your life? And what happened after they found your clot(s)? They put you on blood thinners? What do they do, like "whittle" the clot down, or dissolve it... I mean, if it gets smaller, then it can travel more easily to other parts of your body, right?
  8. Take daily injection to avoid blood clot

    Unfortunately, I couldn't find Sarabyrd's old post, but I saw what she wrote here... I ruptured my achilles in June and had a cast on until today. I did the stupid shots every day for 8 weeks, I'm not trying to take any chances, and the needle is really no big deal!   That being said, I told the Dr today that I had some pretty strong pain in the back of my thigh. He sent me immediately to an internal Dr who did an ultrasound on my veins in my leg, and... yep! Thrombosis... I start taking the pills this evening. I'm pretty freaked out and I just hope that I caught it soon enough and that it doesn't make it's way to my lungs, heart or brain. 2 weeks ago, I had noticed some cramping in my calf, but I thought it was just normal pain... now I'm wondering if it had started there and made it's way up to my thigh in the past 2 weeks.   Not really sure why the shots didn't prevent it, maybe I should get my blood checked out more.   I'm 41, by the way.
  9. Best Podcasts for Expats in Germany

    Especially yours, though!
  10. The Best & Worst Things about Berlin

    I love how spammers try to act like they just stumbled upon whatever it is they're trying to get people to click on. I mean, just say- I made a podcast about it!
  11. Working remotely for a German company, sometimes from Italy

    Also, just to add as I specialize in Voice over IP... (or to confirm what you said...)  True, working remotely is working remotely... as long as you have internet access, you should be able to VPN in and work just like you are in the office, or close to it. But, IT can easily see from where you are connecting, so yes, if they want to, they can catch you in like 3 minutes.   You are within your rights to ask HR, though. My contract, for example, does explicitly have my home address as my "work" address. My boss might would be OK with it, as we are pretty laid back... but I could understand why he wouldn't be.   Sorry, but if the boss says no, and HR say no... if anything happens, an accident after work hours, etc... you'll probably have problems... What you should have done is not ask. They probably wouldn't have known.
  12. Slack group for networking with Americans

    I think that was more about July 4th.
  13. Packstation - automated parcel collection points

    Showed them!  
  14. Heirloom Seeds & Plants

    Cool. I'll send you a PM later!
  15. Heirloom Seeds & Plants

    Oh! I would be happy to take one or two off your hands! How do they grow in Germany? (I mean, how well?)
  16. Summoned as a witness in a criminal case

    I'm not sure how much I like that they are allowed to do that.
  17. Hairfall clinic.

  18. Hairfall clinic.

    Wait. As this is the 2nd thread on "hair fall" in as many days, is hair fall or hairfall a British phrase? I had assumed from the other thread that it was just the OP's translation from his native language.
  19. Hair fall treatment doctor in Munster

  20. Car rentals in Ingolstadt

    Yeah, but it's been 10 days now. Why don't you just go there and find out? I don't think anyone here is gonna be able to help you out more than their own customer service.
  21. Car rentals in Ingolstadt

    I'd probably check up with the station.
  22. I love how the Local has a -492 reputation 
  23. Don't get into all that stuff, it's just people being goofy. Nürnberg is in Bavaria so he is Bavarian. Plus you said near Nürnberg, near is relative. I'm a 45 minute drive south of Nürnberg (south of the Weißwurstäquator) and it is quite Bavarian, and very Catholic.
  24. Moving to Munich from USA

    These are very good points and cannot be said enough (we should have like a sticky on the first page of TT with a list of these kinds of things- the language, contracts, GEZ) Also to repeat- forget about the car- I had a BMW in the states that I thought I could easily bring with me, luckily I didn't as I still would have had to replace the mirrors, taillights, don't remember what else... it just doesn't make sense. I can't speak to a motorcycle, but I assume it will be way to much of a hassle getting it registered, inspected, and possible modifications needed to make it street legal, but at least it fits easier into a shipping container. Don't listen to SpiderPig. I came here to an "IT" job in 2009 making quite a bit less than what you will be making. I did get a company car, which is quite common here. It was a pay cut compared to my job in the states, but I find the cost of living cheaper here, as well as the quality of life. I ended up making less per year here, but having more leftover at the end of each month. Insurance- I would just take the public, it's very good. I'm also with TK, and they took care of me when I did something "stupid." I was changing jobs and had one month free between jobs. Apparently I should have let TK know and found out that I would be held liable for my portion and the employers portion for that month. I called them, and they said as long as I have a signed contract for the new job, they'll cover that month. I didn't have to pay my part or the employers part. That might be normal, but that was really cool and a nice surprise seeing as how most "contract" things go in Germany.