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  1. Price query about Samsung mobile phones

    No, I'm not talking about throttling because the processor is too hot. I'm not talking about the battery life getting worse.   I'm talking about the technical term planned obsolescence.
  2. Price query about Samsung mobile phones

    I did indeed experience that with my Galaxy s5- the planned obsolescence was obvious. And infuriating! The Galaxy s8 and s8+ though, are both still as good as they were 4 years ago, I had the feeling that Samsung got called out somewhere between the s5 and the s8 and stopped doing that BS.
  3. Moving kids overseas after divorce

    I feel like you might need to stop posting on here for the night. What were you even talking about earlier? Waffle about an Australian father with a German mom with breast cancer? I'm glad I'm not looking for advice from you, I'd be even more confused now than when I started!
  4. Need help to rehome or 10 month old westie

    Sorry to hear about all this. Special needs dogs can really cause stress...   I'm glad to see the Westiehilfe people will help.    I know this doesn't help your current situation, but please get your next dog from a Tierheim, or even the Westiehilfe people! Why people still use breeders in 2022 blows my mind, so many dogs out there that need forever homes.   (I've gotten 2 purebred Chihuahuas from rescue organizations, both of them lovely dogs)
  5. Price query about Samsung mobile phones

    Well does take more effort to get it set up, thats true. As far as the speed, I suppose thats true, never really noticed any big difference. On mine it does use the 2nd SIM slot, but I assume the average person doesn't use 2 SIMs.  Just saying, if on a budget, I would rather buy a better spec phone with 128GB than a worse phone with 256.
  6. Price query about Samsung mobile phones

    Most Samsungs have the ability to add a microSD card, which is much cheaper than what they charge for an additional 128GB built-in. Plus at this point in my life, I still am not getting anywhere close to maxing out 128GB. You've got to be a HEAVY camera user, or taking lots of 4k video.
  7. heirloom tomato suitable for germany

    Aint it italian, though?
  8. Price query about Samsung mobile phones

    I started with the original Android phone- the Google G1. Then got a Samsung galaxy s2, then an s5, then an s8+ and got an s8 for my work phone.  My s8+ was starting to show it's age, so after doing some research, I ended up getting an a52s 5g (Enterprise Edition) and couldn't be more happy with it. I honestly don't need an s-class phone. The only thing I miss is wireless charging, which can kinda be installed afterwards. I had an iPhone 8 for work and now have an iPhone 13 Pro... it forced me to use the face login. I use my thumbprint on the Samsung, which I prefer. The iPhone is nothing special, in my opinion. They both do what I need, but I would never in my life pay the kinda money they want for an iPhone. I got my a52s 5g on for like 275€ as B-Ware. It looks brand new to me.   I use to find the best prices.
  9. Jeez Louise! RE: constructive replies- you are getting them, just because you don't like them, doesn't mean they aren't constructive.   I have an idea- you could not do whatever Weiterbildung you are doing, and go work at your local Kita- boom! You solved your own problem, and maybe the problem for other people too! You'll be a hero in Pfaffenhofen!
  10. Is it a DISCRIMINATION at work place.?

    Thank you from an irritated non-linguist!
  11. It is school holiday time though... I dont know, I wouldn't feel comfortable doing it, but I do think OP will find some places.
  12. Good question... By camping, do you mean the good ol' German style with a camper, or do you mean with a tent? I can imagine you'll have better luck if you're "zelten". I had a look when planning my vacation this summer, and the really good campsites say they're already booked (in Bavaria and Austria), I also saw some that said, just show up and they'll find a place for you.
  13. Bundesliga

    Thats why I lost interest honestly, and I consider Bayern to be my favorite team.   I really wish they could implement a salary cap like in the NFL, it definitely makes the league more competitive as a whole. I do realize that the problem with that would be international games, Champions League, etc...    I was pretty into Bundesliga when I first moved here, for the first 2-3 years, but once Bayern just bought out the competition, it's just not interesting to me anymore.
  14. I'm happy with my gigabit Cable from Vodafone, I had Kabel-Deutschland a long time ago, who got taken over by Vodafone... then for some reason, my apartment building was not approved for cable and I could only get DSL... This year I happened to check, and cable is allowed here again, so I switched from O2 DSL to Vodafone Cable as quickly as possible. I have a month to month plan, so I can cancel at any time, but I haven't had any problems. I didn't have any issues in the past either.   I work from home, so I also need it stabile- with DSL, you'll have the "Zwangstrennung" where your DSL goes offline for a few minutes everyday... its some archaic German thing, and it drove me crazy!