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  1. the Olympic Games in Japan

    USWNT went down... that was rough... it was a rough olympics all around for them. Anybody see the GB girl kick ass in BMX Freestyle?!
  2. the Olympic Games in Japan

    It shouldn't be though, he's got American genes! 
  3. Anyone here living in the Oberpfalz?

    Although most have moved on to Facebook groups, haven't really used TT since 2012 or so. It's the best part of Germany, in my opinion, I have visited Czechia a few times as a tourist, yes.
  4. Anyone here living in the Oberpfalz?

    Yes there are-
  5. the Olympic Games in Japan

    I was able to watch all the soccer matches today, for free, on the Joyn app on my FireTV Stick, just FYI. Now watching USA vs Italy softball, on Joyn+, which I just signed up for for a 1 month free trial...    Commentary on all sports I have watched so far has been in English.
  6. I specifically ordered my Audi with no Navi, as I planned on just using CarPlay/Android Auto. On CarPlay, I use Waze, on Android Auto, I use Google Maps.   As already mentioned, a built in will quickly be out of date, whereas the Google/Waze stay mostly up to date.   I like Android Auto's interface better than CarPlay, but I guess that's just a matter of taste.
  7. Driving to my garden during quarantine

    Kind of a moot point now, don't you think?
  8. Obviously, and people living in a place where they don't speak the native language should be more understanding of that. I also thought SWM meant southwest Munich... but now you've cleared it up. Seems like quite a specific query, I think LukeSkywalker's answer would be best for you.
  9. Betting account hacked

    I don't really care what some article says, I've been a Network Engineer for 17 years.
  10. Betting account hacked

    You're mistaken. MAC Address, yes. IP Address, no.
  11. Batting cages

    No. And if there were, they would belong to a baseball team and you wouldn't be allowed to use them anyway (unless you join the team and are Bundesliga level).   I'm just speaking from experience here.
  12. I got something similar here in Regensburg. Didn't apply, also as an American, I didn't realize that I could vote in anything. It has something to do with Ausländer though, which I assume is why we received it...   They didn't explain anything, or anything about the different parties, it was just like- here, vote please.   Same thing, I could vote for 30 different individuals or just all of my votes for 1 party or a mixture.   I think mine did have an envelope in it though... not sure, I wasn't really interested, so I threw it out 
  13. "Arbeitgeberwechsel" appointment wait time

    Wait what is that for? I've never done that. Was I supposed to?! I'm gonna have to google that now.   EDIT- OK googled. For your Aufenthaltstitel... now I get it. Sorry, I didn't change jobs until after I got my permanent residency.
  14. Any IT experts out there? Home WIFI problems

    Jesus... Yes, she can plug directly into your router (a free LAN port) with the cable you posted and will have better speed than on your WiFi.