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  1. New words or sayings

    How is your version correct?
  2. New words or sayings

    I low-key loathe the use of "low-key." I also noticed someone recently use "high-key," but it was in German, so I assumed just like how they've done Old-Timer/Young-Timer, they (those who bastardize English words and put them in the German language) assumed "high-key" must also be a thing.
  3. Touchy subject I guess. To answer your question, it happened to me a long time ago! (Although you sure did read into that)
  4. Need help with the name of the films and/or actor names

    Sounds like Bud Spencer and Terrence Hill to me. I had never heard of them until I moved here, and people act like since I am American, I should know them.
  5. Reliable way to receive international mail

    Oh man, as Berlin has ones in the ZIP code, that could very well be it! Although, I would assume Amazon things, and stuff forwarded by USPS would be electronically printed on the envelope.
  6. There are plenty of them, just check the box "gemäß StVZO"