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  1. Sofort payments with insufficient funds in my account

    Well, does the 14 day, no questions asked return policy work here?
  2. New words or sayings

    How is your version correct?
  3. New words or sayings

    I low-key loathe the use of "low-key." I also noticed someone recently use "high-key," but it was in German, so I assumed just like how they've done Old-Timer/Young-Timer, they (those who bastardize English words and put them in the German language) assumed "high-key" must also be a thing.
  4. Touchy subject I guess. To answer your question, it happened to me a long time ago! (Although you sure did read into that)
  5. Need help with the name of the films and/or actor names

    Sounds like Bud Spencer and Terrence Hill to me. I had never heard of them until I moved here, and people act like since I am American, I should know them.
  6. Reliable way to receive international mail

    Oh man, as Berlin has ones in the ZIP code, that could very well be it! Although, I would assume Amazon things, and stuff forwarded by USPS would be electronically printed on the envelope.