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  1. Smuggling becoming a standard...

    Well I stocked up on Chocolate digestives and cadburys chocolate.. As for the scones... I'm sticking to home made - There is even an alternative to clotted cream. You can get kaymak in the turkish shops. I't very close to clotted cream, and with home made strawberry jam - does the job just fine...   Now we have just got to sort out propper bacon....
  2. poundshop.com alternative in Ireland...

    Hmm, I suppose it's a start, but I was looking for somewhere with a larger choice of foods ( cerials, biscuits and so on... )  
  3. Does anyone know of  "starbargains" or "pondshop.com" alternatives in ireland ? Due to Brexit it's just not worth ordering in the UK any more... So Ireland sounds like a good Idea....
  4. Smuggling becoming a standard...

      Worth a try then...
  5. Go one then, how many of you guys would smuggle Bacon and cheddar when travelling back from the UK ? From one day to another the EU is worried about contamination due to british pork and dairy products....   hmmmmm   I probably would try anyway...Can't get bacon here, and ALDI are selling more and more Irish cheddar. Its OK, but Colliers is better.....
  6. TAX Free shopping..

    Just a wild thought here... Brexit sucks, but mabe people can use it to their advantage...   I have dual nationality. When I am in the UK ( being a german ) can I purchase goods tax free ? When I am here in Germany ( being a brit ) can I purchase goods tax free ?   for example: Can I buy an iPad in Media Markt and get the VAT back ? When I am back in the UK, can I pop down to PC World and buy an iPad and get the tax back ?   Anyone else had such thoughts ?