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  1. I have recently been starting to get back into a bit of metal, mostly thrash, and was wondering if anyone has any favs they think are must-hears.   I have been mostly getting into Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax a bit, but have only really heard a few bits and pieces from each. I really like Rust in Peace from Megadeth but found Countdown to Extinction a bit poppy like Metallica. The two albums before Rust in Peace are pretty good too. Oh and I like Slayers Reign in Blood but havent had much of a chance to listen to their others yet.   I have also been checking out other bands like Pantera, Sepultura, Biohazard etc, but havent been digging that as much. Have to listen to them a bit more to see if they grow on me.   I have always been into Black Sabbath but would describe them more as bluesy hard rock. Iron Maiden are ok, they have some good songs and some bad ones.   So, anyone like this sort of sound, and has any kick arse shit to recommend?
  2. What was that song I mentioned?

    I think it was Boney M’s By the Rivers of Babylon or possibly Stevie Wonder’s Master Blaster Jammin.
  3. Hi somewhere between 2004 and 2007 I mentioned a song on a thread, I think it was a reggae song from the 80s by a band that doesn't normally do reggae songs. It wasn't dreadlock holiday by 10cc but something like that. If I remember correctly I think BadDoggie replied and said it was a crap song. Search didn't really help.   Can anyone remember the thread or the name of the song?   Thanks.
  4. I always thought the month that the inspection is due was where the two thick bars on the stickers were. But no, thats always twelve and the actual due month is this month - of course just when I have a whole pile of other stuff to sort out. So I want to run a few questions past the collective genius of TT.   How much does the TÜV cost?   How long does it take?   Are some places more likely to find things that "need" fixing than others, i.e. could the place that changes my winter tires have any advantages or disadvantages over taking it to Audi?   Any other tips?