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  1. 11 hours ago, Lavender Rain said:


    How so does TT appear to be  eroding  to you? TT seems quite the same to me

    Day to day you won’t notice. Take a 12 year break then come back and check.


    11 hours ago, Lavender Rain said:

    One member doesn't make or break TT as TT is a collective of diverse people with diverse thoughts and ideas who come and go.

    No but it adds up. Compared to the 2004-2007 golden era it seems somewhat  broken.


  2. On 1/28/2011, 8:02:46, Katrina said:

    There are some listed here that are missed from TT, but I'm still in touch with*, so I'll name one that I'm not in touch with: Kza.

    He really did just disappear.


    Hi Katrina, how are you doing? I am in Frankfurt now, was a bit distracted for a decade or so due to marriage and kids, but got divorced last week so looking forward to getting things back on track.


    Edit: What happened to my offensive profile pic while I was away?


    Edit2: I miss lots of people but having trouble matching events and faces to names. I will have to trawl through some old threads to remind myself.


  3. Hi somewhere between 2004 and 2007 I mentioned a song on a thread, I think it was a reggae song from the 80s by a band that doesn't normally do reggae songs.

    It wasn't dreadlock holiday by 10cc but something like that.

    If I remember correctly I think BadDoggie replied and said it was a crap song.

    Search didn't really help.


    Can anyone remember the thread or the name of the song?





    It still doesn't get them anywhere

    Good for letting off steam though eh, plus, it can draw the target country and even other countries into unrelated wars, involving huge expense and loss of life, and cause the targeted country to give up certain freedoms as well.


    Terrorism can be extremely effective, even without apparent political goals, providing the target country lets it.


  5. I will be her friend for €40. A real good friend for €80


    Oh and that dudes New Code For Men, is such a puss-scoring ploy, and a pretty transparent one at that. Its right up there with the listening-to-their-feelings one. But hey if it works :D Probably saves him money too.


  6. She was a nasty whore too (the one Hugh Grant fed some wurst to)... I suspect in that case, it was the total opposite to what BQ claims ALL prostitution is about, he wasnt trying to boost himself up or feel powerful, he was after some good old degradation... Probably starting to get all fucked up with fan mail from females worshipping him etc and needed to bring himself down to earth.


    Theres a whole section in amsterdam catering for that so I dont think its just a fringe area. All sorts of fat and old skanks. Not nice to be tripping on mushrooms and turn around the corner to face that I tell ya!


  7. I think a better solution is for chicks to give it away for free instead of charging for it. Imagine if all chicks were encouraged to shag at the slightest request from men, there would be no prostitution, then BQ would be happy.


    But they say everyone has their price, I wonder what hers is? 10 grand? a hundred grand? A million? I wont expect any honest answers.


  8. So to summarise:

    Trafficking: Ok, apart from it being risky, (more danger being trapped in a detention center than having your boat sink unfortunately though) its an imperfect solution to the problem of restrictive immigration laws.

    Prostitution: Fine, despite some countries bizarre attitudes towards it, keeping it illegal etc, and the way it exploits men out of their cash.


    The real issue, SLAVERY: Bad, should be made illegal.


  9. Terrorism is a bullshit loaded phrase. You can only really use it if you are happy about making it clear thats its only a highly subjective opinion you are trying to make.


    Either you accept that people have the right to use force against others who are in some way threatening them, or not. Whether its a government trying to liberate others, or prevent a country from even potentially being a threat, or a underground group trying to liberate themselves doesnt matter.


    Its almost impossible to say objectively that one is right and one is wrong in basically all of these situations. The fact is it happens. Its much more interesting to judge a particular action on its technical merits and evaluate it along strategical and tactical lines, than simply state how similar it reflects ones own views.


    Oh I agree with these guys these guys and this country, and disagree with these guys that country, and those guys... Big deal... Who won though? What were their objectives? Who fucked up? Who made poor use of their resources? They are far more interesting questions.


  10. The solution to the problem is for women to not be so stupid as to try and sneak into another country illegally thinking she is going to be a model or whatever. Thats the real problem and its solution in one.


    Otherwise 2 things western governments can do to make things better is ease up on immigration laws, so people dont have to go through illegal channels to find a better life for themselves overseas, and more importantly, legalise prostitution so women dont have to feel afraid of approaching the authorities if they end up in a situation where they are being forced to work against their will.


  11. Women get trafficked because they need work that they can't get at home and some countries can be right cunts about permits. Same with anyone. Sometimes you have to pay a snake to get you to a rich country where theres work, or you starve in your shithole of a homeland. Thats about it.


    A lot of you are getting the issue confused with slavery or prostitution or something..


    Trafficking will always exist alongside racist exclusionist immigration laws.


  12. Angelina normally looks like a pig, but she was hot in the last movie, The Good Shepherd, I didnt recognize her, I was like "fuck shes hot, I would give her one" and the missus goes "thats angelina jolie i thought you hated her" and I was like "bullshit, wheres her horrible oversized swollen monster lips". Special effects I think.


  13. The new Rocky is shit, but Apocalypto is fucking awesome!


    (Another movie, fairly old now, that I had never heard of, and just saw recently deserves a recommendation too. Carlito's Way is damn good too, nearly as good as Godfather 2 and up there with Scarface. Can't believe I never heard of it til recently)


  14. And they initially armed, funded and trained Al Qaida to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan, just one of the many examples of all the terrorist sponsoring they have been committing over the last half a century or so. Lots of that sort of carry-on went on in South America too. Not criticising, hell they have the right to fund terrorists if they want, but the whole yank attitude towards it now is a bit precious, like a pit bull terrier breeder suddenly campaigning against other breeders cos he poked one of his dogs with a stick a few too many times and got a well deserved bite (and still breeds them secretly anyway.)