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  1. Marmite vs. Vegemite

    For me its marmite. Vegemite is ok, but for me marmite just has a better flavor, hard to describe, smoother, yet richer. That applies to vegemite and marmite as purchased in NZ however, it could be that tastes differ in different markets.
  2. Hi. Back in New Zealand I used to enjoy "making" curries, both the Thai coconut curry and the Indian style. Here I can find the paste I need for the Thai style no worries, but I cant find the tins (just add meat) here that I used to use to make the indian ones.   I have however found curry powder. But whats that used for apart from sprinkling on top of currywurst?   Is it possible to get "just add meat" tins of curry or is there someway to turn curry powder into an indian curry.   Thanks