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  1. Definitions game

    shapes - genetic engineers have managed to cross sheep with apes   hybrid
  2. There won't be even this much of her left:  
  3. Some women are never happy...according to some men

    Duh, she just put it in the title as he had already said it, it would have been different if she asked if he had OCD just because he cleaned the dishes! Are you looking to be nominated on the DUOTWA thread?
  4. Some women are never happy...according to some men

      If you had read the first post thoroughly you would have seen that the guy said that he has OCD so she hasn't labelled him.
  5. Some women are never happy...according to some men

    @BradinBayern: could you explain why it would be considered an insult?
  6. Some women are never happy...according to some men

      Maybe it is an insult in AE, in BE it would simply mean that the person is not messy.
  7. Definitions game

    Edify - to create a circular current   circular
  8. is it possible to get Zweitwohnungsteuer reimbursed?

    As I understand it you can claim back some tax for "doppelte Haushaltsführung" but I'm sure somebody (@PandaMunich) can explain it to you.
  9. Definitions game

    daughter - exclamation made when you don't get the desired result (d'oh, oughta have realized that it wouldn't work)   exclamation
  10. Definitions game

    itself - mythical figure unveiled   mythical
  11. What made you smile today?

    ...and the moral of the story is: don't buy an expensive car in a stupid colour (especially if it makes you look like a prat!)
  12. My driving licence (Führerschein) experience+tips

    The second link isn't from a driving school.
  13. My driving licence (Führerschein) experience+tips

    According to this site you have to take the theory lessons too. (June 2015)   Die Theorieprüfung komplett online ohne Fahrschule zu absolvieren ist bisher noch nicht möglich.   Also see here.
  14. I've just posted a silly photo

    Is this what they meant when they said I was the black sheep of the family?
  15. What are you listening to right now?

    You just reminded me of this: