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  1. Well, not sure I can make it this time, because the 25th is the only day I can’t come :-( There’s a big slide show on the changes in Ilembula, Tanzania since 2004, the first time that someone from our group when there. I could make any other day.
  2. Great! Table reserved for 7. Reservation number 34361257,but also under Schwarz/Translators Stammtisch   See you there :-)
  3. Great! I'll make a reservation for us :-)
  4. As we don’t have a venue yet, how does everyone feel about Jaipur Palace? It’s a block from Rotkreuzplatz, and we’d get a free cocktail with our meal using the Hallo app ;-)  
  5. 1. crusoe 6,7,8,9,14,15,19,20,21,22 2. Gen 15,19,20,22 3. munichmom 6,7,8,9 (but prefer the following week if possible) 14,15,19,20,21,22   Thanks Crusoe!
  6. Hi Folks,   Someone I know is looking for a DE -> FR translator: ” Would you know anybody who could translate an IT product manual from German to French? It would be about 15,000 German words by the end of the year.”   Please let me know asap if you’re interested, and I’ll give you the contact info.
  7. Thanks Gen! Anja was now able to register to vote using her SSN :-)   My schedule is somewhat busy, but maybe I’ll find some time to help DA with the phone banks.
  8. That place at the viktualienmarkt where we sat outside was nice.  I’m always flexible though :-)
  9. Thanks Haubigut, we look forward to seeing you when you get back. Safe travels!
  10. Sounds great! I haven’t given up hope yet on another day or so of swimming yet :-)   i can do any day that week.  
  11. Welcome Haubigut, just ask for the Übersetzer Gruppe. Looking forward to meeting you :-)
  12. Just a quick reminder to all that the huge Munich English Book Sale is this coming weekend: For those not familiar with this annual event, the sale will offer around 15,000 donated English-language books and DVDs at cheap prices. All proceeds go to fund our humanitarian work in Ilembula, Tanzania. In years past, we've funded projects such as: - The building of school kitchens with more efficient wood stoves to reduce deforestation and provide the students with a warm meal of porridge. - Health classes for 1500 students - The building of school latrines - Soccer balls with bells and Braille paper for he school for the blind - The building of an AIDS education center We're all volunteers and every cent we earn goes to support these projects. You can read about these projects and see pictures at: Over half our books are priced at 2 Euro or less, so there will be plenty of bargains even on Saturday. You'll find hundreds of children's books as well, sorted by age group.   The English Book Sale is this Friday Oct 13 from 3 to 7pm and Saturday Oct 14 from 11am to 3pm at the Ernst Mach Gymnasium, and the address is: Jagdfeldring 82 in 85540 Haar, which is a short walk from the Haar S-bahn stop. Signs will guide you there. If you drive, there's a parking lot and free on-street parking.   In our reader's lounge, you can enjoy homemade cake and a cup of coffee or tea while you chat or read. Hope to see you there :-)