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  1. Darn! Why didn’t TT notify me about your meetup? :-( So sorry that I missed everyone :-( i was just going to post a suggestion that we meet up when I saw that you just did... I’ll be gone most of June, but maybe can make it after all. Greetings to all!  
  2. Munichmom +1 (Jörgen is coming too :-)
  3. Thanks Crusoe, I keep wanting to take a turn organizing it, but always forget...   1) Crusoe - all dates 2) Munichmon - March 26 & 29 are ideal, April 3 & 4 a maybe 3) 4) 5)
  4. In our ongoing quest to find restaurants where we can converse, I found this:
  5. So sorry that I couldn’t be there last night, it sounds like you had a fascinating conversation.   i just listened to the Dewey Decomal System podcast, and found it very interesting. I used to work the reference desk at a public library, and can relate to the difficulties in choosing how to classify a book.   Hipefully, I can join you guys again the next time :-)
  6. No problem! Have a great time and see you guys the next time :-)
  7. Well, not sure I can make it this time, because the 25th is the only day I can’t come :-( There’s a big slide show on the changes in Ilembula, Tanzania since 2004, the first time that someone from our group when there. I could make any other day.