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  1. Guess this sounds like a dumb question...   A week or so ago, my daughter's boyfriend was on the highway heading south out of town, and heard a small thud. At the time, he was on the phone to my daughter (on loudspeaker, so both hands on wheel). He should have stopped to check what it was, but didn't (bad move...). Afterwards, he inspected the bumper and found a piece of plastic missing. Now the insurance company says he hit an elk (hirsch) and must report it to the police, which he has done. Apparently, if the police can find the dead elk and trace it back to him, he must pay a large fine.   Never having had the misfortune to hit anything myself (knock on wood!), it seems rather implausible that he could have hit an animal as large as an elk and only be missing a small piece of plastic off the front of the car. My daughter says that she didn't hear any loud noises or such while on the phone to him. It only sounded like a large bug hitting the windshield. If it makes any difference, he drives a BMW.   Is it possible to hit an elk and not know it???