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  1. Dusting off on balcony

    Reviving an old topic but a very annoying one to say the least.    I live on the ground floor and my neighbour on the third floor likes to pick her flowers and throw them over her balcony. We are talking a lot here. Not just one or two. It rains down. She also sweeps her balcony and that also gets thrown over. This is all landing on my terrace and sometimes on my washing. It is also bringing mice. The previous tenant had the same problem and spoke to them several times. It stops for a while and then starts again.   A few weeks ago, I caught her in the act and shouted up to her. I was ignored so I mustered up the courage, went up to her apartment and rang her doorbell and politely asked her to stop. I explained that everything lands on my terrace and it is unfair as my washing is there and I am constantly cleaning my terrace. I explained that I know she has flowers, that is fine but she does this on purpose and if she doesn't stop, I will have to talk to the Hausverwaltung. I called and they won't do anything...she tried to blame her husband and said she would talk to him. No apology, nothing.    It did stop for a while but again today, it starts raining flowers and I called up to her and she stopped. I left a note in her letter box again politely asking to stop but I know she won't.    I am very close to gathering up her dirt and dumping it in her letterbox but I wouldn't stoop so low.    Anyone had the same issue and how to deal with it? Should I just send my landlord up to talk to them,(he already knows of the problem, but they had stopped in the meantime).    Advice is very much appreciated.