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  1. I can't give you any specific answers, however 33km in a day is not going to kill you. If you aren't in good shape, you'll be sore. Wear good shoes. The land isn't dramatic, but it is pretty country to have a hike through.


    As an aside, this trip takes you through little known Zoiglland. Basically, Zoigl is a small home-brewed beer with limited availability and fairly low alcohol content. Once a month to six weeks the brewer finishes the brew and opens the doors. Simple food, simple beer and good times. Also, very cheap. Check out the Zoigl calendar and try to time your trip to enjoy a zoigl house along the way. In fact, if you don't mind a little company, I'm up for hiking one Sunday.


  2. Shit situation with absolutely no clear way ahead. I can only imagine the range of plans you are contemplating. From walking away to acting like nothing happened. I'd suggest that making no decision and letting the situation develop (including your emotions) before doing anything. Look after your kids and yourself brother, that is plenty at the moment. Perhaps even taking them away for a few days to hang out without the wife around. Head up brother, this will sort it itself out one way or another and you will adapt accordingly.


  3. I went in the summer (not a good idea, its hot. Who knew) of 2009 for 5 days. Flew to Luxor where I had booked a hostel. The hostel was able ot organize an english tour of all the sites. Then overnight train to Cairo, where another hostel organized more english language tours. quite nice to make the plans once there so you dont have a rigid schedule to keep.





  4. I was a DOD civilian in Germany for a number of years. Basically, you have a normal employee sponsored insurance. You can use it one of 2 ways.


    1. If the medical facilities on post are accepting civilian patients, you can use them. Insurance will be billed and you will be billed the remaider in accordance with your policy.

    2. you can get medical treatment out in the community. You pay full price and them submit the bills to the insurance company for reimbursement.


    We usually used the german providers. The only exception was the kids shots, we wanted standard US immunizations so there weren't any issues when they enrolled in US schools.


    Hope this helps.


  5. Here is bar none the best way to cook oats.


    1. Rummage through cabinet and find your box of oats. Take them out of cabinet.

    2. Find a local horse stable on the internet. Write down address.

    3. Get in car and drive to the address that you wrote down.

    4. Find a horse that appears hungry.

    5. Open box of oats and feed them to horse.

    6. Get back in car and drive to a decent grocery store...good luck in Germany.

    7. Buy some nurnberger sausages, eggs and bag of potatoes.

    8. Drive home.

    9. Cook sausage, eggs and hashbrowns. Extra grease and salt.


  6. Germany, shit Europe, is small. If you want to move to Europe, take the opportunity. You won't regret it. That said, if you have the opportunity to move to Bavaria, then that is clearly better. The posts in Grafenwoehr and Vilsck are in the sticks, but Nurnburg and Munich are just down the road.


  7. Anyone else having trouble logging into yahoo mail? I havent been able to check my email for over 24 hours. Whenever I go to yahoo mail or try to link to it, I just get a blank page. I have tried on both home computers and at work. They all have various versions of windows and i have tried using IE and Firefox, nothing works. I haven't sent an email to Yahoo. Anyone else having these problems.


  8. combine the duck, breadcrumbs the seasoning and some egg white in a food processor, pulse until combined. Then stir in the bok choi. Sounds good, good luck.