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  1. Open University German Language Certificate = B1 ?

      I've only spoken to her on the phone. She won't arrange an interview unless I bring along a language proficiency certificate.   Your replies are pretty much as I expected, and thanks everyone for them. But, worth a try I'd better get myself booked on a test then.  
  2. As many of you will know, application for German citizenship requires you to have at least a B1 or equivalent proficiency in German.   Before moving to Germany in 2008 I studied with the Open University and passed the  L130 (Auftakt: intermediate German) module and obtained a Certificate in German.   I contacted the OU to check if the level obtained was equivalent to B1, and they said it is and pointed me to the webpage for the course   The question is, will that be acceptable to a Beamtin at a provincial (Eberswalde, Brandenburg) citizenship bureau who doesn't speak English? I am thinking not, so how do I convince her that I have the required level of german proficiency already with the OU without having to sit the B1 test locally ( next available date June cost 120€ ) ? Any ideas folks?