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  1. Apartment sale - makler or not?

      May I ask what these application materials typically are? Having bought twice, I can't remember much more than saying I wanted to buy and turning up to sign the contract...!  
  2. Apartment sale - makler or not?

    So what did they do? Just take the higher offer? Is this done right up to contract signing? Maybe I'm being too nice even asking the question. 
  3. Apartment sale - makler or not?

      I think this must be true because the agent is one of the biggest, most well known. They take a slightly lower commission from the buyer, and put 3.5% on the seller. But all in, it comes to nearly 10% which seems astronomical.   it strikes me that in the current market, most of the agents' work must be finding sellers.
  4. Apartment sale - makler or not?

    Thanks for the good points.   Contract - you are right. It needs to be checked through, agent or not. My experience so far is that property sale contracts are fairly standard.   Price estimation - this can be worked out from looking at other prices, but also by interviewing a few agents. They give price estimations before you take them on.   Buyer screening - this is the main thing worrying me. How to deal with potential buyers flaking, not managing to get financing etc. The agents ask for a small reservation deposit of 1k or so as I understand it.   Is it really worth it? - unless I just want to do the world a favour, it is only really worthwhile for me if I end up making a sale at a higher price than an agent would. E.g. by adding half the would-be agents fee onto the price. I guess I should be realistic with myself about whether or not this is going to happen.
  5. Apartment sale - makler or not?

    Having to show the place would be okay in terms of time. I am not an expert salesman / negotiator, but I'm not sure how important this is or not.
  6. Apartment sale - makler or not?

    Hello,   I'm trying to decide whether to use a Makler (agent) when selling my apartment (Berlin).    I have bought two apartments here in Berlin in the past (without agents) and sold one (with an agent). Here in Berlin, generally the buyer pays an agent 7%. One agent I spoke to today also charges the seller a bit. As the prices have gone up over the years, the agent fee has seemed to me less and less justifiable.   It feels like a seller's market here right now and I reckon I could manage to do it without an agent. But I fear hidden pitfalls. Any opinions on what the worst of these might be? (the things I can think of are: having to negotiate price, getting messed around by a wavering buyer, having to pay closer attention to the contract).   Thanks.