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  1. We are ready to let go of some great children's books and DVDs in English, French and German. All books and DVDs are priced between 50 cents and 2€. Toys are priced separately.   American Girl books, My Secret Unicorn, etc.  Magischer Baumhaus / Magic Treehouse, TKKG, Drei ???, Gregs Tagebuch - We read the German version of the books that were already familiar in English to build vocabulary.  Also some children's books in French.   (Some of the English language DVDs are in  NTSC.)   Also have Hot Wheels and Fischer Technik and Carrera priced to go.   Contact me at We are in the process of putting everything on ebay kleinanzeigen in 85716 Unterschleißheim. Search: DVD (frz./engl.), then click on "xx Anzeigen Online" under the contact information to see everything.