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  1. Got attacked by two Croatians in Unterhaching

    This country is getting better by the minute.
  2. Its only 100 people, I just got back from a bike ride was nice and toasty!
  3. What is your hobby?

    Mountain Biking, Drone flying, hiking, race biking, anything outdoors.
  4. why are school trips so expensive in germany?

    If you were my dad I would be calling you names..'&#"$%! in my head of course.
  5. Notre Dame is on fire

    They made a comment in german tv that Obama, Donald Trump, the Pope all offer the condolences to France and Angela Merkel was nowhere to be found.
  6. Are people with tattoos stupid?

    Tattoos and the man earing thingy is long gone.
  7. Notre Dame is on fire

    Where is all trusty Angela Merkel?
  8. Street checked by die Polizei

    They were looking for a bank robber but then they realized you were just tech support.