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  1. Coronavirus

    We just got back from the grocery store Aldi, Lidl and Kaufland, we could not believe the number of people wearing a mask, gloves, and safety glasses. Time to pull the big guns.
  2. Coronavirus

     How come everybody is reporting it?
  3. Coronavirus

    Its bullshit?  How come everybody is reporting it?
  4. Playlist for the Corona Apocalypse

  5. What are you watching right now?

    I do not know why am I watching this for the 3erd time in my life.
  6. Coronavirus

    Well, about two weeks ago (Lost between countries) totally laughed at me when I said and recommend get ready!!!  Folks I am here to recommend one more time this country will shut down completely sooner or later so if you not ready go get some basic needs now!!! Be safe everyone!  
  7. Coronavirus

    Germany seems to want to get rid of old people, young too as everything is ok we have a pandemic but it is moderate passiert Nichts aber get you shit now! wash hands bla bla bla. Oh yes, we now have the greens infected and more people every day but just go to work and do not wear a mask is useless. good luck everybody and vaya con Dios!
  8. 2 speed tickets

    Never mind.
  9. 2 speed tickets

    Every single time I go to work, I see semi-truck drivers bitting my line as they coming towards me and sure enough, they are on the phone while cloudy and no headlights, don't get me started on women a see so many women at stoplights on the phone I knock their window and give them the finger no, no that finger the index finger. I go to go on my bike sometimes in my car.
  10. Coronavirus

    Good luck to you!
  11. Coronavirus

    Good luck to you!
  12. Coronavirus

    ^ Clearly you never being in an emergency situation, I wouöd like to see your survival skills but I digress have a nice trip. Oh, I forgot don't forget to disinfect the armrest.
  13. Coronavirus

     Do you trust the Chinese government to tell you the truth as to how many have died so far?  Thank God I got the N95 for all my family.      
  14. Coronavirus

    We are up to 8 infected same as The sates FYI---- Be safe out there prepare. Are you serious? Well as you can see China is in lockdown, Are you ready to stay in your home for 15 days without going out at all, just in case?   1,-Do you have gloves, masks, safety goggles to protect your eyes, extra food, pasta, cereal, peanut butter, water, toilet paper, propane gas, alcohol, Clorox etc...?   This is not just for the Coronavirus but for any emergency that might arrive. That is what I mean to prepare, you go ask the hospitals in China if they need any masks?