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  1. I have not been around much lately on Toytown. I an just no longer interested and it's become beyond boring here. Today I read this thread and the decision comes into clear focus. Why am I wasting time here when I could be sleeping, sitting on the loo, reading a book, walking around,cutting my toenails or a thousand other things far more worthwhile than listening to a bunch of pathetic losers endlessly attempting to inflate their own egos and sense of self worth. All the while spouting lofty ideals while crouching in amonimity and striking at each other.

    In case you learning impaired addicts of this cyber reality show have not connected the dots yet this is it. My official flounce!

    So long suckas!



    Well, it's not really a 1st strike when the other guy has already invaded now is it?


    "In nuclear strategy, a first strike is a preemptive surprise attack employing overwhelming force. First strike capability is a country's ability to defeat another nuclear power by destroying its arsenal to the point where the attacking country can survive the weakened retaliation while the opposing side is left unable to continue war. The preferred methodology is to attack the opponent's launch facilities and storage depots first. The strategy is called counterforce."



    sarcasm: "A form of humor that is marked by mocking with irony"


    Do try to keep up please.


  3. Sunday is cleaning day here in the tech household. It's the only day of the week where MRs tech and I have the day off together. My assigned tasks are to clean the kitchen, my man cave, prepare my work clothes for the coming week and tend to the plants. She takes care the rest.

    I'm a lucky bastard.




    As I said before, I blame Putin - he is the bully, this invasion is entirely on his shoulders and we should have separated his head from those shoulders for it.


    Drivel,bravado. What do you propose? No way to punish him with conventional military options. Perhaps go for a first strike?



    Where are you from then? You are guilty until proven innocent everywhere but at the court. The work of police is to suspect people and then gather enough evidence to present at the court. If a victim describes their attacker as "180 cm white dark haired male" the police can suspect you if you fall under this description. And if they want to arrest you, then it will be your task to convince them why they shouldn't.


    How else are you supposed e.g. to find a murderer? In Germany random DNA tests are ordered to all who was present at the place of murder (based on mobile phone base station records).


    Toytown is not a court, we make assumptions here because

    a. we have a freedom of opinion.

    b. it's the victim who asked for advice, not abuser.

    My opinion is that only abusive type of person can defend another abuser without knowing him.


    I'm from the USA where are you from? North Korea? Nice play on words. OK I stand corrected. In the USA you are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

    Wrong skippy, the burden of proof lies on the accuser not the accused at least where I come from.

    Regarding that last statement where you imply that I myself an an abuser?

    This hysterical fool is implying such garbage and states that the work of the police is to suspect people? I always thought their work was to enforce the law. That's my opinion.


  6. Of course not if it actually happened. Its just words on a screen. I for one am not willing to throw someone to the wolves without attempting to ascertain what really happened. You know... the truth? But that's just me


    Some people here have this dude tried, convicted, and castrated. News flash! Not your job. The police investigate and if the evidence is there, the courts prosecute. Mob mentality scares me. Pisses me off too.



    I wouldn't suggest she's a troll. But on the other hand, I don't think it's very good for the image of first-time/one-time posters either if they have obviously been living here for quite some time but never joined or contributed (and I think we are passed the days when people didn't know about TT for a long time after moving here, because it very quickly pops up in any google generation of migrants had that excuse cos there was - shock - no internet when we moved here!), then one day all of a sudden they need some help and so join, post a question, but then never return to thank those who have answered or to clarify any open points raised.


    And we get a lot of that.


    And DK and Janx spirit did answer her specific question in the first 2 posts



    I like how Silverwerewolf joined at 4pm yesterday and hasnt been active since 4:14pm, not even waiting for DKs post at 5pm.


    Makes us all look like crazys talking to ourselves in an idiot ward. SP obviously taking first prize but nonetheless, it smells like troll meat.


    How is that relevant? This degenerate is obviously a threat to decent folks everywhere. I say we string him up! Who's with me?



    First of all, he will NOT go to jail "just because you had a scratch on your knee and were pissed". He will go to jail because he's clearly a repeat offender which makes him a danger to society.

    Repeat offender? How do you know that? He may be on probation for littering for all you know.


    Then this:


    Of course he does not want to go to jail. So he's going to try everything he can to manipulate you to save himself. I don't know the guy so I can only speculate,


    At which you appear to excel


    Once again, it is NOT YOUR FAULT if he goes to jail. He ruined his own life, not you. And if you don't want to protect yourself, at least think of the other women/people you may be helping in the future by letting the law do the right thing.



    You scare me lady




    You must be the lady in front holding the... what is that? an axe?




    I am a retired federal police investigator. This cycle will continue. A misunderstanding is when two people have a "verbal" discussion and eventually one or both sides admit that there was miscommunication. This was an assault or § 223 Körperverletzung. He's done it before (most likely) and will do it again. I've seen this more often than I care to admit and it still boils my blood. I'm not saying he needs to go to prison for five years, but he needs to be made aware that physical violence, especially against women will not and never will be tolerated. By pursing it, it might lessen the chance of another victim. One can always hope. But again, don't fall into to his pleas for mercy. Where was your and your mother's mercy when he assaulted you?


    When you were a federal police investigator was it your normal modus operandi to make judgments and take action against people based on hearsay? Would not passing judgment be the job of the court? Not the police?


  11. Wow, talk about a red button topic. Folks are making a lot of assumptions here like this guy is in a relationship with the OP. She never says that. From the information given he could have been a complete stranger.

    yourkeau: She said he was being rude to her mom. She did not say he attacked her mom.

    She never even says where it took place. A home? bar? restaurant? She does say "I had a fight with this man" and "things escalated quickly" She did not say this man attacked her. It usually takes two parties to "have a fight" People are assuming a lot. Alcohol could have been involved and how does anyone know what really happened? I was not aware that in Germany you are guilty until proven innocent. Put down the pitchforks and get a grip folks, some objectivity as well.


  12. Military intervention in Crimea is not going to happen because:


    The US is coming off a 13 year "war footing" in Iraq and Afghanistan. The public has had enough of wars in places most of them cant even find on a map.


    The two world powers that hold 90% of the worlds nuclear arsenal simply dont face off in direct military confrontation and we best pray they never do.


    Without the US the rest of NATO is too cheap to spend the money it takes to mount an operation.


    I will say this, Putins timing is impeccable