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  1. Highbed with closet for sale

    Our family is growing , we need to sell our highbed with closet.   Original Price (new price) was 400 euro from Mömax.  We are asking for 110 Euro , price is negotiable.   The bed is 3 years old and in very good condition, just a a hole where I drilled too deep when installing it, but doesn't affect functionality or appearance (on the side, can be covered with a sticker).   The bed comes without a mattress, but of course with what the Germans call a "lattenrost" (mattress support). Requires a 200x90 cm mattress.    The bed is still assembled, will require you to come and disassemble it yourself (that way you can see it built before taking it apart). I can gladly help with the disassembly. We live on a ground floor, so no stairs/lift concerns.   Under the bed is a closet, one side is for hanging, the other side has shelves. The closet is around 2 meters wide.   It is a great bed, we just need more room for more kids :).   Pics to follow (once I figure out how to upload them), meanwhile you can see the Kleinanzeige Link: https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/hochbett-mit-schrank/1574365789-81-6450   Pumba
  2. Hey guys,   I just moved to this new apartment, bought and built the couches... but having a little bit of a problem with placing the furniture...   Now one of the best scenarios (space wise) is to put the couch right facing the heater (couch's back will be almost blocking the heater)... now I know better than to block the heater completely... but is it safe to have it VERY close to it? (5 cms or more of space)... will the couch get so hot that it catches fire after a while of the heater being on? What is the safe distance to maintain? (again, the couch's back is facing the heater, so its a whole wall of fabric somehow).   details on the fabric of the sofa :     As for the heater... well its the regular heater radiator thing that u find on the walls in every apartment...