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  1. In Germany, the Center Holds NYT
  2. The largest 3 airlines (70% passenger market share) are enhancing the number of flights at Berlin Brandenburg Airport Willy Brandt (BER) in June 2012 !   Air Berlin raises the number of starts from 662 to 721 (plus 59) (+9%) Lufthansa from 362 to 543 (plus 181) (+50%) Easyjet from 256 to 267 (plus 11) (+4%) The total increase of aircrafts movements is expected to be 10-12%   The summer schedule at BER, starting in June 2012 includes 75 airlines serving 173 destinations in 50 countries.
  3. Berlin ranks among top global cities

    A new career in a new town: How Berlin has become a centre for European venture capital - The Economist  
  4. Global Power City Index, a ranking of 35 of the world’s top cities by the Institute for Urban Strategies at The Mori Memorial Foundation in Tokyo.   According to the institute, “as half of the people of the world are living in cities, it is necessary to create attractive urban space to pull the people, goods, and money, those who are moving borderless, and to pursue the enjoyable and livable environment.” The index, which is the first of its kind out of Japan, aims to judge the comprehensive power of a city.   The ranking is based on six overall objective factors, "Economy," "Research & Development," "Cultural Interaction," "Livability," "Ecology & Natural Environment," and "Accessibility," with 69 individual indicators among them. The institute also expanded its study by looking at the cities from the subjective perspective of five different ‘actors’ (or types of people who influence cities): global “Managers," "Researchers," "Artists," "Visitors," and local "Residents."   While the institute’s research is aimed largely at finding ways to improve Tokyo’s future, it strived to maintain a fairness in city rankings. The Global Power City Index, which is in its second year of ranking cities, was released on October 22 (JST). Possible copyright infringement removed by admin. See guidelines. http://www.examiner.com/x-16352-Japan-Headlines-Examiner~y2009m10d23-Top-ten-world-cities-ranked-using-subjective-comparisons   Any surprising results ???
  5. BER - Berlin Brandenburg Airport

    New Airport, Beleaguered Symbol of ‘Irreverent’ Berlin, Is Opening at Long Last
  6. BER - Berlin Brandenburg Airport

      Historic events in the capital of Germany: The Berlin Brandenburg Airport Willy Brandt is going to open at 31.10.2020 !   26. October 2020: Start of the S-Bahn-Link to the BER Terminal 1 31. Oktober 2020: Opening of BER Terminal 1 / First official landing of an aircraft  01. November 2020: First official aircraft take off at BER Terminal 1   Hallelujah !  
  7. BER - Berlin Brandenburg Airport

    New Berlin Airport finishes operational test runs