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    After a while the conversation changed to English and a girl sitting near us approached me and asked in a friendly chit chat sort of way what language we were speaking before. I told her that it was German and she smiled and said "Cool! Are you guys from Germany then?". I told her that most of us were, and she answered "Germany, that's like under France, right?"

    Sounds about par for the course, given the edyookayshunal standards nowadays!


    P.S. I use the term "Inselaffe" to describe myself when asked where I come from!


  2. Hi Maxi,

    When do you need them? I live in Hannover, and I can try to get one from there sent off to you before the weekend. Can't promise, but I'll do my best.

    Do they have to be in mint condition, i.e. shall I send it to you in an envelope, or can I just stick a stamp on one and entrust it to he tender mercies of Deutsche Post?

    PM me with your address.



  3. @roysterdoyster: Wannsee doesn't have it's own coat of arms?


    @South African: The Colorado is the only one to have a state or province with the same name?


  4. We got married the Registry Office in England before coming over Germany for the church wedding (my missus is German), and my ex-employer thought it would be rather hilarious to place a smoked kipper on the engine block of my car (with which we would be driving to Germany!). Luckily I discovered it before setting off! (I am SO glad I decided to check the water and oil before leaving!!).


    At our reception in Germany, one of the guests had prepared little notelets with different household tasks written on them (go shopping, clean the windows, crochet some oven mitts, make jam, etc.), as well as the character-mode that was associated with each task, which were then distributed randomly amongst the guests. Pretty harmless, but still funny, especially when the Pastor of our church got the task to "write a love poem and read it out to the bridal couple on their first anniversary"! We're still waiting, 18 years later!!!


    Coming back home after our honeymoon to a bath and cupboards filled with inflated balloons (as someone previously mentioned) is still in my memory!


    Roamingbutterfly, it could be, as has already been suggested by several TTers, that they just want to do a little individual something for you both - it may even be harmless (depending on who your friends are!)