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  1.   Thanks for the advice, again sorry if my phrasing was wrong, Germany was already looking at stagnancy so it is of course better if people are working. God knows I'm going mad sitting at home trying to read books but worrying about the future. Like I said above, I just wanted to be clear that if I was offered a contract now (and hopefully those will start again soon - but I'm also imagining I might have to switch careers altogether the way things are looking) that I would be required to pay back whatever I earned offset against the money I received from IBB.   I've used card for everything I've bought and rent has been through transfer so I'm not worried about audit - although should I have kept receipts for groceries though? I stopped buying the Bonne Mamant jam and have only been buying the gut und gunstig!
  2.   Thank you - it's ok this is a forum, I expect replies like that. I was trying to understand the terms and conditions, because if I am offered a contract now for say 3000 euro, which is attractive to me of course as a freelancer, but the profit of that labour would actually go back to the bank, then that is something I would like to know, and I've heard mixed reports and the IBB website isn't clear on that.
  3. Hello,   I like many received the IBB corona zuchuss for 5,000euro as I am a freelancer. From what I can tell in their limited terms and conditions and from one email they sent me this is considered taxable income for my 2020 tax return, which is understandable, but there are some phrases and i've read online that talk about this like a conditional loan?   I'm a bit perplexed, because from what I understand this 5,000euro is considered an emergency fund, given out but that are to return a certain amount if it was too much? I most certainly would have been screwed if they hadn't given out the fund, but as a freelancer, if I am offered work in the 3 months from when I received the fund, am I supposed to repay them any amount I earn within that 3 months? And what happens if I do work one day after those 3 months? I am happy to give them back money if I'm obligated to, but surely if it is the case that I would have to repay any of this money if I earn any money from freelance work in those 3 months, then where the hell is the incentive for me to do any work at all within those 3 months? Or am I getting it wrong completely?