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  1.   Thanks for the advice, again sorry if my phrasing was wrong, Germany was already looking at stagnancy so it is of course better if people are working. God knows I'm going mad sitting at home trying to read books but worrying about the future. Like I said above, I just wanted to be clear that if I was offered a contract now (and hopefully those will start again soon - but I'm also imagining I might have to switch careers altogether the way things are looking) that I would be required to pay back whatever I earned offset against the money I received from IBB.   I've used card for everything I've bought and rent has been through transfer so I'm not worried about audit - although should I have kept receipts for groceries though? I stopped buying the Bonne Mamant jam and have only been buying the gut und gunstig!
  2.   Thank you - it's ok this is a forum, I expect replies like that. I was trying to understand the terms and conditions, because if I am offered a contract now for say 3000 euro, which is attractive to me of course as a freelancer, but the profit of that labour would actually go back to the bank, then that is something I would like to know, and I've heard mixed reports and the IBB website isn't clear on that.
  3. Hello,   I like many received the IBB corona zuchuss for 5,000euro as I am a freelancer. From what I can tell in their limited terms and conditions and from one email they sent me this is considered taxable income for my 2020 tax return, which is understandable, but there are some phrases and i've read online that talk about this like a conditional loan?   I'm a bit perplexed, because from what I understand this 5,000euro is considered an emergency fund, given out but that are to return a certain amount if it was too much? I most certainly would have been screwed if they hadn't given out the fund, but as a freelancer, if I am offered work in the 3 months from when I received the fund, am I supposed to repay them any amount I earn within that 3 months? And what happens if I do work one day after those 3 months? I am happy to give them back money if I'm obligated to, but surely if it is the case that I would have to repay any of this money if I earn any money from freelance work in those 3 months, then where the hell is the incentive for me to do any work at all within those 3 months? Or am I getting it wrong completely?
  4. covid-19 testing for people without health insurance

      because he was on a certain kind of payment scheme in Spain from the government, and he bought a temporary one for when he was here
  5. Hello,   I worked as a freelance English teacher for the past three years up until December 2019, the first year in Leipzig and the last two in Berlin  - I then took a chancen EG loan and did a bootcamp in software design here in Berlin to make a career change for the better and have just graduated as everything is turning into recession it seems. I am actively looking for jobs as much as I can, but I am worried about the market and am thinking I need to apply for Arbeitslosungsgeld of some sort or another - i live by myself in an apartment that costs 1000 a month (I was sharing with my partner but the relationship ended and I've been able to pay it since but now things are really difficult) - but I know its going to be an arduous process so want to do it right the first time, but I'm not even sure what I'm entitled to. I have paid my taxes in full every year - so surely I must be entitled to something? But I know the fact that I've graduated from a bootcamp means I'm not just a freelancer who's work has dried up because of the shutdown.   If anyone can offer any helpful advice they'd be really helping at a time that is very stressful, for me and for others.    If people want good advice for normal freelancers this is really good. https://www.redtapetranslation.com/how-not-to-go-broke-as-a-freelancer-in-germany-during-covid-19/
  6. covid-19 testing for people without health insurance

    Hi sorry to be late back here. all the people who need info about where to get tested if they need to get tested etc. = sorted   Just trying to help out my Spanish friend now. I understand he was rejected because he is not technically living here - as in he was only here for the course but is now stranded. 
  7. covid-19 testing for people without health insurance

    He's from Spain, not sure what type of insurance he has, he's in Germany for 2 months doing a bootcamp, so a student I guess
  8. covid-19 testing for people without health insurance

    I'd already planned to stay in for a month (got all provisions and did it without depleting shelves by going to smaller local markets), I bought a bike a month ago to stop taking public transport, stopped all social life on Feb 1st. Did everything I was supposed to and then I get the email confirming the case. I would have been in quarantine anyway. I said to people the course should have been shut down a month ago, but nobody listens to me for some reason.
  9. covid-19 testing for people without health insurance

    Also there is one guy in the class who has a heart condition and asthma who was in close contact with the person confirmed - he has health insurance but it runs out in 15 days and TK just rejected him. Not sure what he should do either. It's all so crazy considering the tests are being made in Berlin.
  10. Hello to you all, and I hope you are keeping well out there.   A person in my course tested positive for covid-19, and some of us in the course have symptoms, me not yet, but i have health insurance, some of them don't afaik as they are here technically as students just for a 9 week bootcamp - does anyone know the situation for people like that getting tested? Also any tips for where to get tested in the city that is not going to be a crazy place?
  11. not relevant dead thread

    It's not something I feel comfortable about tbh, so he can sort it out himself, in the time since posting I've decided against it for a few reasons, sorry for the useless post.    I've thankfully gained the German sense of justice - don't do the crime if you can't pay the fine :)
  12. not relevant dead thread

    Before I post I must apologise on behalf of this foolish chap, his monthly (as in the 83euro one) ticket was one day off or something, anyway, he's asked me to ask here, so I'm doing it out of politeness, but I like many here believe people should pay fines, I've done it myself happily via transfer.    However this guy is financially struggling, so if he was to go to the office and show my VBB-ABO card, would he be able to pay 7euro instead of 60 euro?