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  1. Hi All, I have a question about the German citizenship/neturalization eligibility.   A bit about myself first:   I am a Pakistani passport holder. It will be 8 years in this coming October 2011, since I am here in Germany. (First 2 years university student and then 6 years fulltime employee). I am currently holding DE Niederlassungserlaubnis (German Permanent Residentship) since May 2010.   So my question is, would I be eligibile for German citizenship/neturalization in Oct 2011 (after 8 years)   OR   The time spent during studies [first 2 years] is not counted and hence i only have got 6 years and I need another 2 years to keep working before i am eligible for German citizenship/neturalization?   As per this web link, http://www.bundesaus...buergerung.html, I probably am unsure about the exact rule.   Thanks.