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    Just watch out how much you tell them about yourself, they love using what you confided in them against you when you get into fights/urguements.



    most of my friends are german and i love them and i love the fact that if they love one, they do it with a passion and are ready to protect you like their own cub. But they do have their flaws too, don´t we all.


    just a small example: sometimes when fighting with some of my gfs, over petty stuff - shopping/house chores/lipgloss whatever, they would go like - fat arse! gets me so off my feet am shocked and speechless - meaning they win the fight (coz my mind is racing trying to figure out what does "fat arse" got to do with this fight). hours later i figure out they said it coz i told them a few weeks ago i think i´ve added a kilo!


    don´t get me wrong, i love them but i´ve seen this kind of behavior only with my german friends and never with my non-german friends.




    hence....i keep telling myself...(tho easier said than done) - the above Quote


  2. Orla_inka

    I meant the one discussed in posts 98 to 105. that extra "g" was a typo mistake.

    I don´t have a problem with the negging neg.

    sorry can´t "Quote" yet, still new in posting so don´t you all go "negging" me... B)


  3. My very first post in a discussion, i just couldn´t resist it! For those of you who are trying to justify/explain the word negger (this is the only time i will write/use it) - it is an INSULT! period!!

    I don´t care and don´t wanna know if you finally got the right meaning/justification coz everytime i saw the word in your posts i got disgusted and scrolled down as fast as i could. You kept repeating the word as if you enjoy using it - like 20 times? You coulda "atleast" have said the N-word.

    and btw i find it even more insulting/disgusting when wrote/pronounced in german!