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  1. Formula One 2015, 2016

    Here we go again:   Will it be round two between Nico and Lewis? The title defender already looks strong and most importantly reliable, with twice as many laps completed as any other race car. On the driver front, Nico will be hungrier than ever, while Hamilton, who was in the spotlight all winter long, has a title to defend, and a new hair-do to protect.   Will Vettel ever look right in red overalls? He looked like a skinny kid at the launch, but posted the fastest time in jerez on day one. Is he finally comfortable in his seat?   Who will give AMG Mercedes F1 a hard time this year? has anyone closed the gap during the winter? Already the cars are slightly faster than last year, and this time, Red Bull is there with a hungry Daniel R. behind the wheel. Honda and McLaren are back with a lot of eyes on them, but expectations low at first, as admitted by their new driver pairing of Alonso and Button.   This year, the german race is still with no confirmed venue, and although Hockenheim hosted in 2014, they may have no other choice than to do it again as the Nurburgring has no one at the helm.