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  1. 6 minutes ago, klubbnika said:

    What makes you think that I am talking about "anyone"?


    I am talking about a speicific person here.

    Sorry, that wasn't clear to me.

    I don't think it's as black-and-white as that. I think we're all shocked at the terror attack in Berlin, but maybe your views on how to prevent such attacks happening in future are different to El Jeffo's.

    And anyway, thinking you can read other people's minds is a mug's game.


  2. 34 minutes ago, French bean said:

    Whoever is to blame will come out eventually but what I find telling is that my wife read a German report this morning that said one confirmed dead and that the driver was Polish. I went on the BBC last night and it was already 6 dead and this morning the driver was reported as being of Afghan or Pakistani origin. They also suspect the dead body in the truck may have been the Polish driver and was already dead.


    So, why again is the German media so cagey about giving out details that may be construed as pointing the finger at the asylum seekers? Who is, if anyone , controlling the media? All the facts need to be out in the open so everyone can form an opinion because the more they try to hide things, the more dissilusioned the German public will become. We've already had Brexit and Trump, will Merkel be the next to have a shock.

    Sueddeutsche already reported around midnight that the man arrested could be of Afghan or Pakistani origin (following earlier dpa reports).

    "Der Festgenommene, der den Lkw gefahren haben soll, könnte nach Angaben aus Sicherheitskreisen Pakistaner oder Afghane sein. Wie die dpa berichtet, sei eine genaue Identifizierung jedoch schwierig, da möglicherweise auch falsche Namen benutzt würden. "

    I don't think that's cagey, especially as the man does not seem to be saying very much (so the police would have to rely on e.g. finger-print verification).


  3. Thanks Jeremy. Yes, and Ted Heath too. Sorry, but I cannot bring myself to read any of this.

    I'm desperate to believe that paedophilia on this scale is not just a UK phenomenon. Here in Germany, ofcourse, the Catholic Church also has history, for example. But I keep thinking it's more institutionalised in the UK, perhaps (and I know this is a rather hackneyed view, and pure surmising) in some way the result of traditional English Victorian prudishness (and the suppression or eradication of emotion and sexuality).


  4. 11 minutes ago, klubbnika said:

    LOL! Attack is the best defence, isn't it?

    No, I just wanted you to back up your assertions. Thank you.

    So, to conclude, instead of "Poland tops league for foreign inmates in UK's overcrowded jails ahead of Ireland and Jamaica with almost 1,000 behind bars", the DM headline should have read "There are proportionately more Poles than Chinese in UK prisons".



  5. 3 minutes ago, klubbnika said:

    Chinese is used as an ethnicity in this document, not as the country where the person was born.

    Yes, you're correct. There are no figures for "Chinese-born" UK prison inmates. This fact, however, also renders your assertion that "They are definitely overrepresented compared to the Chinese-born" as pure conjecture.

    I'll repeat my question: Can you still prove "overrepresentation" (by any definition you like)?


  6. Sorry, no mention of "Chinese-born" in the DM article. Try again.


    Edit: Checking Prison Population Statistics - Parliament (pdf), "Chinese or other ethnic group" make up 1.18% of the UK prison population (there are no figures relating to 'Chinese', so it's not possible to be more specific either way). Still, this percentage is more than the percentage for Poles.

    Can you still prove "overrepresentation" (by any definition you like)?


  7. @Klubbnika - Please look into the details instead of blindly regurgitating Daily Mail pieces.


    The Daily Mail has cherry-picked from Prison Population Statistics - Parliament (pdf) which also states the following:

    • "Since 2002 the proportion of foreign nationals within the prison population has remained relatively stable." (Note: the relaxation of UK EU immigration controls happened in 2004)."
    • "As at March 2016 foreign nationals originating from the European Union (excluding the UK) accounted for 42% of all foreign nationals in prison and just under 5% of the total prison population."

    From the second statement, it is possible to deduce that foreign nationals (not just those foreign nationals originating from the EU) make up ca. 11.9% of the UK prison population.

    Assuming that there are 8 million foreigners living in Britain (according to the National Census, this was already the case in 2011), i.e. ca. 12.5% of the total UK population, proportionately there are still more Brits in jail than foreign nationals.

    I hope you agree that the accompanying DM headline "Poland tops league for foreign inmates in UK's overcrowded jails ahead of Ireland and Jamaica with almost 1,000 behind bars" is at best disingenuous, and at worst deliberately inflammatory and racist.


  8. 1 hour ago, Jonny said:

    I guess she's getting desperate.

    The issue is ofcourse more complex than simple 'desperation', contrary to what the DM would have us all believe. You will note that the DM also naturally chooses not to elaborate on it's claim that this is an "astonishing U-turn" :rolleyes:.

    Merkel is being pragmatic: This is just the headline that will appeal to many AFD voters. But look at the details - she wants to ban them only "in Einzelfällen mit 'präzisen Handlungsvorgaben" (Die Zeit - already in September), and today "die Burka 'sollte verboten sein, wo immer es geht'" (Sueddeutsche).

    Besides, interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere rejected a ban in August as it is deemed "constitutionally problematic".

    Really, you should stop relying on the Daily Bait as a news source.


  9. On 28/11/2016, 14:27:27, klubbnika said:

    You haven't been to London then. :(

    A considerable part of the city does not even look like Europe.


    Never seen in here, but then I have never been out of Niedersachsen. :)

    I lived in London for 20 years, living all over, and wouldn't change it one bit, even to make it 'look like Europe', whatever that means. London continues to attract thousands of people, but you make out like it's not attractive. You also say you've never been out of Niedersachsen, but nevertheless feel you're qualified to comment on London. How much time have you spent in London, if I might ask?


  10. On 15/03/2016 17:03:36, Conquistador said:

    Well, Svetlana, having had a Muslim girlfriend, I can confirm that a non-Muslim isn't accepted. She was Egyptian-American, i.e., born and raised in the US, parents were from Egypt, although I never met them. She had attended the same university in the US that I had and seemed completely Westernized ( she never wore a headscarf, much less a burqa, never prayed or showed any evidence of actually observing islamic practices other than eating halal, which wasn't a problem). Almost from the start, though, she pressured me to convert to Islam (I have no religion)  and kept me away from her Muslim friends (most of them were) when I wouldn't convert. I probably should have broken up with her when she first brought up conversion, but she was very intelligent and interesting to be with other than the issues surrounding conversion to Islam (probably to make me acceptable to her friends and family) and I was too PC at the time to end things.


    I feel sorry for her - perhaps she was in love with you and scared to lose you, and thought the only way to keep you (as well as her family and friends) was for you to convert? God save us from religion :(.


  11. 15 hours ago, john g. said:

    What are 54000 Albanians applying for asylum for on that list? The whole mess is an absolute joke.

    Of the 35k applications from Albanians seeking asylum processed, ca. 31k have been rejected outright, and only 7 granted refugee status (if I understand the statistics correctly). Not sure what the 4.5k 'sonstige Verfahrenserledigungen' encompass.


  12. 7 hours ago, PeterN said:

    That data refers to the number of asylum requests (not people crossing the border) and only covers two months.

    It says nothing about the number of migrants who have entered Germany and nothing about the numbers in preceding months.

    Please provide data on the numbers crossing the border for a meaningful length of time e.g. the last 12 months.


    Peter, sr5dnptylno asserted that:


    Our rights, security and way of life [have been] subverted under the lie of helping syrian war refugees most of whom are neither Syrian nor refugees.

    I provided some statistics to suggest that there are a large number of refugees coming to Germany from countries that are experiencing some sort of conflict. If this is indeed 'most' I cannot say as there are no figures for numbers crossing the border available. For what it's worth, here are the corresponding statistics for 2015.