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  1. What are you cooking today?

    I felt inspired to make something vitaminy and yummy this morning because my little boy is sick. When I dropped my daughter at kindergarten this morning, I told her there would be pumpkin soup for lunch, she was very happy! So, its simmering away to mushiness at present, I didn´t use a recipe, just played it by ear with onions, bacon (cooked together first to softness), pumpkin and carrots, yet to add any seasonings or creme fraiche... Also bought some great vollkorn rolls this morning to dip in.. Ok, I realise, not everyone is at home cooking on a Thursday morning...
  2. Hello Family Lifers   I am moving to Munich at the end of April (see my thread in Newcomers- but I am now moving out of there... and into other spaces) and am really looking forward to the move and meeting new people.   Family is Aus/NZ/Polish, me, DH, DS (nearly 2) and my DD who just turned 4. I PROMISED her she could start ballet this year, of course now we are moving...   Can anyone recommend a ballet studio? Are there such places? She doesn't speak any German yet, however that is a priority and she will start lessons as soon as we arrive.We plan to stay many years, so I don't want to put her off learning until such time we return to Australia (unknown...)   Any help would be greatly appreciated- even if its a private/ small group lesson!!   Renia