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  1. 3G in Restaurants?

    @mrbear clearly has mental issues and is probably not getting enough of the mood stabilizers they spray with chemtrails. Gonna have to advise the alien lizards in the shadow world government to up the dose in the tap water, and reverse the polarity of the neutron flow in the activation 5G energy!   C'mon man, it must be doubleplusungood living in constant fear of the big bad alien lizards! Just get chipped and join us in blissful ignorance working the mask mines! We have cake spiked with soma!
  2. 3G in Restaurants?

      The willful abject ignorance of statistics and how they work is really baffling! If you actually go to the ONS data set you'd find this:   Monthly age-standardised mortality rates (ASMRs) for deaths involving coronavirus (COVID-19) have been consistently lower for all months since September 2021 for people who had received a third dose or booster at least 21 days ago, compared with unvaccinated people and those with just a first or second dose. Breaking the ASMRs down by age group, those aged over 50 years who had received a booster at least 21 days ago had lower ASMRs in all months, compared with unvaccinated people; this has also been the case among younger age groups where rates can be calculated, although trends are now less clear because of lower mortality rates with large confidence intervals. Before March 2022, those who had received a second dose over six months ago had higher monthly ASMRs for deaths involving COVID-19 than those who had received a second dose less than six months ago; this indicates a possible waning protection from vaccination over time. The age-adjusted rates are not equivalent to measures of vaccine effectiveness; they account for differences in age structure and population size, but there may be other differences between the groups (particularly underlying health) that affect mortality rates. Changes in non-COVID-19 mortality by vaccination status are largely driven by the changing composition of the vaccination status groups; this is because of the prioritisation of people who are clinically extremely vulnerable or have underlying health conditions, and differences in timing of vaccination among eligible people. Non-COVID-19 mortality rates can also be affected by seasonal mortality and the healthy vaccinee effect Even if you take the made up conclusions at face value... BILLIONS of people have been vaccinated all over the world. Where are the piles of bodies? Where are the skating rinks used as morgues like they had in Bergamo, Madrid and New York?  
  3. 3G in Restaurants?

      I love the confirmation bias. I work in Life and Pension Insurance and know this to be a big pile of bullshit. Physiologically, Scientifically, Actuarial Sciences-y, just plain wrong on all counts.  Then I wonder who the fuck is this guy, "General Counsel - The Cotswold Group"   General Counsel -  That's a lawyer, not an actuary. But ok, maybe the actuaries at the cotswold group are saying these crazy things.   Then I click on Cotswold group... they don't underwrite shit! It's a corporate intelligence company! They only tangentially work with insurance companies on fraud detection. If that's your job, you're not getting the full picture.   So... A lawyer that has no idea what he's talking about, lying and saying something very definitive that not only goes against every single reputable expert out there, but is basically well worded gibberish. And you post it here without having done a couple of clicks to figure out if it actually helps your argument. It's like shooting fish in barrel with you guys, if the fish were impervious to fact-based bullets.   Seems about right for anti-vaxxers 🙄