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  1. Moving from Germany to Canada

    My daughter lives in Vancouver. It is very often voted best place to live in the world. I have visited many times, its a beautiful thriving city. All facilities are available. However the one down side is the price of accommodation, renting is expensive, buying is very expensive unless you go out to the suburbs. Your package should help, even so you may well be shocked after Germany. Good luck. There are plenty of jobs for anyone with smarts. very less holidays usually ten days paid..! so check.
  2. For any Freemasons, of any nationaility in Frankfurt area there will be a new Lodge opened in the next 12 months in Frankfurt English Emulation under the Grand Lodge of British Freemasons in Germany, part of the United Grand Lodge of Germany. Anyone who is interested or wants to affiliate or take part in the start up activities please PM me. Thanks
  3. Cheddar cheese from Lidl and elsewhere

    I get Cathedral 9 or 15th month old at my local Hitmarkt..other varieties are harder to come by...
  4. RED DWARF XI viewing

    Brilliant earlier madcap series..Will be watching. Good luck with a Berlin meetup.