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  1. English Freemasonry Frankfurt

    The Lodge is now up and running so if you are seriously interested or already a Freemason and looking to find a new or temporary home just PM me thanks. 
  2. Next meeting is 26 March in Kaiserstr. 19.00 hrs tyling.
  3. There is now a British Freemasons Lodge meeting regularly in central Frankfurt. If you are already a freemason and wish to link up please send me a personal message. If you are interested in Freemasonry but not one yet; also send me a personal message and I can arrange that you can discuss this with experienced masons who will answer your questions., www.corinthianlodge.deh
  4. For any Freemasons, of any nationaility in Frankfurt area there will be a new Lodge opened in the next 12 months in Frankfurt English Emulation under the Grand Lodge of British Freemasons in Germany, part of the United Grand Lodge of Germany. Anyone who is interested or wants to affiliate or take part in the start up activities please PM me. Thanks