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  1. Thanks for all the condolences. It helps. I will not be returning to Berlin , until February at least. I just would not feel safe on a train for at least 2 hours and then on a plane  for about the same time.  And then I might get refused entry. Some brits have been refused entry already and they had better documentation that I have.

        What would I do in Berlin anyway? So I am staying here until I see how things pan out. Even then , there are things to attend to.

    I have told my landlord to go round once a week to check that things are ok and to make sure his insurance remains valid. Proerties left vacant for any lenght of time may lose their insurance . Bt what if he does not want to go? I would not  blame him .

    Then what?




  2. So my Mum died recently and I will be here in the UK for a  while to handle her affairs. I wil return to Berlin eventually. That is , if I can.

    Already there have been 2 incidences where Brits like myself have not been allowed to enter an EU state.

    The first was some Brits who lived in Spain and were returning home. Some were not allowed to board the flight while others were turned away at the border. It turns out that this was all a misunderstanding and they are all now back in Spain. But such misunderstandings will occur.

    Then some Brits tried to enter the Netherlands and were refused entry as they were no longer from an EU country and their journey was not essential. I support the Dutch on this one.

    So what will happen when I decide to return to Berlin? I did not think to bring my residence permit with me. How can I prove to the airport police that I live in Berlin? I have German cards such as my TK medical card and bank cards but will this do?

    Also . I may well be vaccinated by this time. At the age off 66 I am well up the list to be jabbed. How do I prove this and would it make any difference anyway?

    Thanks and stay safe


  3. So I am getting worried about Brexit and remaining in Germany. I have looked at some of the options open to me and getting an Irish passport seems the easiest. I was born in the UK, but my Dad was born in Ireland. According to various websites , I am an Irish citizen and can get an Irish passport. Has anyone done this yet?



  4. So I am returning to Berlin soon. From Manchester which is a high risk area according to various German websites. I will have to self isolate for 2 weeks according to these websites. I can do that. But is there anything else I should know.. Can I do anything before I get there, rather than at the Berlin end. And what about this contact tracing ? I do not have a smart phone ans so cannot download the app. Is this going to cause problems?


  5. All of a sudden , there is no sound on my computer. This means it will not show any films or anything else with a Sound Content.

    All I get is a Pop up that says

    Es kann kein Audiogerät gefunden werden

    Any advice welcome



  6. I recently joined Netflix as they said I could download some stuff. But so far I have had no luck. I downloaded their app to my Windows 10 Laptop and still no luck. No little arrow appears in any of the films I check. Am I doing something wrong?