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  1. I have not had a TV for years and I do not really miss it. Looking at the above posts , it all seems too complicated and too techy. And for what? Is there anything worth watching. Give me the radio anytime.


  2. I am one of those who do not have a smart phone and I never will. I do have a laptop but no printer so this latest statement from DB worries me. More forward planning can help but not in every situation. What if your smart phone is not working?

    Where are we going with all this technology?


  3. I recently read that France has changed its position on this. Brits now going thru France to other EU countries where they reside will be allowed in. Yet some reports add that this is only for the festive season. Other reports say the restiction is suspended.This implies it may be reintroduced in the future. If you could be affected by any of this , I urge you to keep up to date with this.


  4. Over 100 Brits were denied entry to Austria at Innsbruck airport recently because they did not follow updated Covid restrictions. E.g. many did not have their Booster jab. The full story can be found on the BBC website.

    Who is to blame? Easyjet , the airline concerned? The Austrians , for not updating their web sites? Or the passangers, for trying to travel abroad at such difficult times.

    What may have happened is that this trips were booked a long time ago and rather than attempt to change them , people just turned up and  hoped for the best.

    In my opinion , it is the fault of the passanges. Nobody should be going abroad at this difficult time. Trips that were planned long ago , before the Omicron variant appeared should be cancelled or postponed, unless they are essential.


  5. The problem seems to be that they will not accept copies of my passport , of which I have a few in my computer.  The only way therefore is to take a photo with a smart phone and upload that directly into their website. But i do not have a smart phone and I never will.

    It is their loss , not mine.


  6. On 5.11.2021, 23:25:24, LeonG said:

    So they did not have a live operator asking you to show your passport, tilt it, cover parts of it with your finger etc?  I had one of those recently.  The guy quickly announced that my cell phone camera was not good enough and hung up.  I tried again, got someone else and it was fine.

    This all sounds very familiar. I had similar trouble with a betting company. It was difficult to prove my ID with them. Note that they only wanted an ID check when I wanted to withdraw some winnings. They were not bothered at all as long as I was depositing.

    I checked on the web and a great many people are having trouble with Airbnb ID. So it is not just me and my poor IT skills


  7. So  I tried to book some cheap accommodation with Airbnb. There was a new ID check. I had to upload a copy of my passport. Well , I tried but I could not do this as the file size was too  large. So I took a screen shot and that was accepted. But why?

    To make matters worse , all of a sudden the language switched from English to German. Again , why?

    Oh, for a simple life.


  8. I entirely agree with hamogles. But I am happy to report that I have successfully printed out the Passanger Locator Form for my impending trip to England. It was straight forward , despite all my misgivings. As long as you have all the data to hand.

    Now all I have to do is clear and clean my Mums house prior to selling. She was a hoarder.

       But my short stay in Berlin has been wonderful. I am fully recharged and refreshed and ready for the challange.


  9. to

    5 hours ago, snowingagain said:

    And good not to rely on the phone Covid vaccination apps.  The NHS App failed yesterday,  people were turned away from flights.

    Were people really turned away from their flights? Because some app failed?  Can you give me a link?

    Why did they not print off a hard copy , just to be on the safe side?