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  1. I am happy to buy stuff from my bar as I know the people there. The seller was not some random stranger in some random bar. He was a regular. He forgot the attachments when he handed over the maschine , but brought them along later.

    I told he he needed have bothered as I am a single man and do not like attachments.

    He gave me a blank look.


  2. I recently joined Netflix as they said I could download some stuff. But so far I have had no luck. I downloaded their app to my Windows 10 Laptop and still no luck. No little arrow appears in any of the films I check. Am I doing something wrong?


  3. So I had to miss my EasyJet flight back to my beloved Berlin. I asked for a refund of the various taxes and to my great suprise quickly got 15 euros back. No problem at all. So if you miss a flight, the chances are you will not get the actual fare back, but you may well get various taxes back. There is no harm in trying. I am almost certain that Ryanair will make it more difficult for you.


  4. Thanks for all the informative Posts. I am not paying anything for a Card Reader. Bloody cheek of these banks. I have used a Card Reader for some time for my UK bank accounts and this is my preferred option, not least because I have a UK dumb phone and I am pretty sure that German Banks will not accept this.

    But one question. In the UK. These Card Readers are specfic to Banks, but not to people .

    All my Family use just the one Card Reader as we all have the same bank. Will this be the same in Germany? If so,could one be shared?